Pol Tarres Champion

Pol Tarres got this weekend at Cal Rosal (Olvan Barcelona) add two new titles to her Palmares after boost on Saturday with the Championship of Catalonia from the category Promo and on Sunday, with Spain in TR2. Pol reached the appointment with three points advantage over Pere Borrellas (Gas Gas), which ended the day in second position after teammate mark, which led to both pilots to draw points and results, so the title was decided by the higher value that the FCM gives to the first victory of the yearin this case it was for Tarres. With the first title decided, the forecasts in the face of the Championship of Spain on Sunday were similar, given that the situation in the table as rivals were the same, since Pol and Pere returned to be the two contenders to take the Crown and Tarres reached this last appointment with an advantage that guaranteed the title provided that it finished after Borrellas. After a quiet start, the young champion of the SPEA Tarres Trial Team opted to pass to attack in the second rotation, getting to the final as the leader. However, an error in the last zone ended with its options of victory, leaving the top of the podium in the hands of Pere but making sure the Championship. Despite its just turned seventeen, Pol accumulates three Championships of Spain in Cadet, Junior and TR2; three Europeans to Inter, juvenile and Junior; as well as a global youth.

Pol Tarres: It has been a very full weekend and I can not complain of how have gone two days, since both the Saturday and Sunday we got the goal, which was to achieve two titles. The truth is I’ve finished a little tired, because both of the first day and the second were very complete and nice trialer, and though I’ve fallen three times, the career I liked. The truth is that I have sinned in the Championship of Spain of wanting to risk too. I knew that it would be champion leaving behind Pere (Borrellas), so I’ve played it a little and in a last area door I’ve finished messing me and I lost the first position. Anyway, I am very pleased by the work done this year. Original author and source of the article

Engineering Department

What are the reasons to use computing in the cloud. Cost (44), necessity of processing resources (19), need for storage resources (15), (16) network resources need, other (10). The results correspond to the number of responses, in this case the respondent could answer several answers. Everything indicates that the cost is the great promoter of the use of computing in the cloud. As conclusion of the investigation indicate:. the cloud is something important in the perception of people of different sizes of companies and its state of development in the country is not as incipient, as you might think, taking into account that 36% of respondents reported that you are using in your company, and the rest, 66% considered that it will begin to use in a year… The full article it can be consulted at the following link: related articles: what is cloud computing? What is the cloud? Force of NetSuite sales automation 1st part as I manage my calendar from NetSuite part 1 force of NetSuite sales automation 2nd parteEste is an article of the journal systems not 112 ACIS, written by the systems engineer and computing Francisco wheel F. Director of the Engineering Department of systems and computer science from the Universidad de Los Andes.

Article unveils the results of a survey conducted among members and people who have had some connection with the Asociacion Colombiana of systems engineers, ACIS., which had as objective to determine the level of development of computing in the cloud in Colombia. The survey was conducted to 185 people, which come from companies of different sizes. Below are some of the questions put to respondents: considers that the topic of Cloud Computing in a theme: moderately, very important and unimportant. 67% Of respondents, i.e. 128 people consider the very important issue. This result reflects the opinion of people who answered the survey and not necessarily in the company.