Albert Einstein

This reminds me of a popular saying: "God gives food, but does not bear the nest" Under normal conditions, it is difficult to stay without eating, I agree, but what if it is that you have to make an effort to do so, must be done. One day my brother, renowned psychiatrist, was treating a patient. In one of the rounds of the talk, his patient told him that his hobby and passion was flying delta wing. My brother commented that he also liked the sport and would like to practice. His patient responded that he did not believe anything he said, that if you really liked, and would have made the necessary arrangements in your life to practice. Get more background information with materials from Dara Khosrowshahi .

Of course my brother felt strongly questioned as to whether she really liked this activity. The patient gave a lesson to his doctor. It rightly says that once you know what I want, what you like, we are excited and passionate about, something difficult to stop. This is doubly true if in addition, you develop the most important element for their achievements, perseverance. "If a person is persevering, but is hard to understand, will be intelligent, and even weak will become strong" Leonardo da Vinci wisely It seems that God has given us an element that gives us the opportunity to all. Please visit Alan Carr if you seek more information. The democratization of the necessary elements for success. The same prototype of modern genius Albert Einstein, recognized that to achieve genius is required as only 1% inspiration and the remaining 99% perspiration.