As Achieve Sell a Draft Social Media in Your Business

Perhaps before getting to sell a strategy that involves the use of Social Media, should know what sectors or markets are appropriate to embark on a project of this style. Not all markets are valid for talks with your clients, nor give rise to form a community around them, and this is something that not everyone appreciates.

Curiously, there are formulas to calculate whether the market is included within which each company is likely to make a marketing strategy that includes the Social Media. In two of the formulas that were discussed, we found that surely there will be more formulas for use on the Internet, start from some basic ideas. In the first of formulas, devised by Charles Heflin, although that leads to extreme examples, markets divided into two types: 1) those where people can be sociable or relate (internet marketing, film, music, sports, medicine , Weddings, meetings, political?); 2) those where the degree of socialization is limited or nonexistent (socks, tables, office chairs, satellite television, Zapote, poker, chips?). The other formula, devised by John Scott Dixon, made a structural division of each market, which performs a search on four social search engines, which applies an average.

What one tries to discuss with all this, is to remember the importance Rather than simply raise a draft social media in an enterprise, how well it square with the social tools market where the company is located.

From here, and once it is clear the relationship and the possibility of carrying out a project of this kind, is to sell the project internally, and try to make the relationship with the general direction of the same is high. That said, Chris Brogan gives twelve points or ideas for how to sell your heads the Social Media, leaving a vital premise: create values they do not have problems in understanding.

The Social Media tools such as blogging or social networks, are most effective to reach a larger number of visitors that traditional websites.
The blogging can be seen as a way to reduce the number of calls from customers to help desk phone.
The cost of implementing this strategy does not require a high budget or cost (that it implies a degree of involvement in high intellectual capital, which is difficult to quantify).
Social networks are widely used by customers (communication faster and easier, linking customers, a source of ideas to meet their needs and improve service by delivering faster answers).
They are tools that allow customers to listen and know what they are saying or commenting on the company.
The first steps are simple to make and involves the search for bloggers with good relations with the department of communication from the company, and involved with the project until the point of frequently updated content.
Advantages of domestically tools Social Media. For example, share important information, training, collaborative projects, one way communications faster than usual.
Creating a strategy with a high component or use of social means assured marketing departments and public relations for better monitoring advertising done through mouse clicks and online metric, that if the campaign is being performed using traditional means.
They serve to establish a leadership position.
Using social networks to help carry out studies with customers, work of human resources, product marketing, and assess the degree of knowledge of the company in the community.
Create a group or social network (any platform around an initial site), elevates the degree of customer loyalty to the company (something highly valued by top management).
Another important step towards persuading the heads of the goodness of Social Media, is to find examples carried out by other companies or organizations, if it can be better competition, and provide complete information on how they are using these tools.

I repeat the same thing all over again, all this says is that this is not a dogma or rules to follow to the letter. Simply starting points are being valued. A principle with which try to convince leaders that have the final decision, that are removed once the venda of the eyes.