Hockey Grass / Preol

The Spanish team of female hockey grass sealed his passes for Beijing Olympic Games after winning (3-2) to the selection of host Azerbaijan at the end that has been disputed in Baku.

Discipline via a free download

Actually, what Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails is insane. Already he warned a few days ago, when Trent made available to the entire world a new item called Discipline via a free download, that everything was that shortly we NEW disc de la banda. And so it has been. Just today, two months after exposing his Ghosts I-IV, we have a new work called The Slip.

Discipline, as you said, we heard a couple of weeks ago and yesterday my fellow Galician we dropped by another theme here, called Echoplex. The Slip consists of 10 songs, lasts 43 minutes and 45 seconds and we can achieve this through the minisite created to do so for free by entering our e-mail.
As is customary, we can download it in multiple formats: mp3, FLAC, M4A apple lossless and HD wave. All without DRM, of course. But except for the mp3, which goes via direct download, the rest of files we offer via torrent given its large size. >
And to finish the round off move: from July will be available in physical format. I will give you a few listeners and soon you what this story.

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A Traditional and Cozy Corner

Continuing with the rustic decor that characterizes the Pazo do Rio, we take a stroll through his balanced by the pleasant dining room and terrace. (…)

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Citigroup: Microsoft to buy Yahoo!

Buy, sell or hold? That is the dilemma facing every day an agent operating in the financial markets. The goal is to buy those securities whose prices are expected to rise in the short term, sell those that are expected to fall, and when it is expected to keep current prices continue to rise but there is no justification to buy a larger amount. One company in particular is the subject of controversy in the stock markets. Shareholders are wondering what to do with the actions of Yahoo!. The problem is that the company is not yielding good results and the value of its shares tend to be low. However, Microsoft says that the interest in acquiring the technology company draws attention of the shareholders. If Microsoft achieves its objective, the actions of Yahoo! Rise dramatically from its current low level. Still, it is possible that the transaction is not achieved, attention was thin and shares of Yahoo! Finish on the floor. Today, the investment bank Citigroup has made public its forecasts. In the view of experts, what should be done to shareholders is to buy shares of Yahoo! Therefore ensure, will be held by Microsoft in a very short time.

Closes the Bob Dylan Poster of Rock in Rio

If you already was becoming a poster of the most diverse and strange for the first edition of Rock in Rio in Madrid, with the addition of Bob Dylan is even more.
Recently intent of the great Dylan to offer this summer to 14 concerts in our country but what we could not imagine it ending acting in Arganda del Rey. He will be in charge of closing the festival on 6 July, the same day sharing the stage with Lenny Kravitz, Franz Ferdinand and Chris Cornell.
With this confirmation and David Guetta and Chris who sit in the tent of electronic music, is closed recruitment and we already have the bill as a whole, you can see after the jump.
– World Stage: Neil Young, Manolo Garcia, Jack Johnson and Alanis Morissette.
Hot-Stage: Loquillo, The Right Ons and Lilith.
– Electronics: Co-Hosted by Pacha Ibiza: David Guetta, Wally Lopez, Sarah Main, Goldfish, Superlush DJs .

? JUNE 28
– World Stage: El Canto del Loco, Tokyo Hotel, Carlinhos Brown and Ivete Sangalo.
Hot-Stage: Mando Diao, Standard and Area Artist movistar.
– Electronics: Carl Cox, Cristian Varela, Locodice and Elio Riso.
– World Stage: Shakira, Jamiroquai, Lorie and James Morrison.
Hot-Stage: Orishas, and Destiny RIR
– Electronics: Satoshi Tomiie, Chus and Ceballos, Simon and ; Shaker, D-Formationy Jose Luis Magoya. 6 JULY
– World Stage: Bob Dylan, Lenny Kravitz, Franz Ferdinand, Chris Cornell and close the festival with Tito.
Hot-Stage: Cafe Tacuba, Draco and Jet Lag.
– Electronics: Sashaand Digweed, DJ Vibe, Gerardo Nivay Roberto Rodriguez.
More than 50 performances and I can spare fingers of one hand to count those who really are interested in me. What waste, just think in previous editions held in other pases and ; Finally, I hope that not everyone feels the same as I do, so you remember that the tickets are sold exclusively in El Corte and the price ranges from 49 to 69 euros for each day.

From Murdoch to Stiglitz: The True Cost of the War in Iraq

There are no words that can attribute a moral valuation to the warlike processes. The war is an unacceptable mechanism for the solution of the conflicts between the towns. Even so, the words yes reach to value in economic terms the precise combat operations. The most controverted nowadays it is without a doubt, the occupation of the Iraqi territory on the part of the United States. In the beginning of the war, the Rupert industralist Murdoch, proprietor of the informative empire News Corp, justified the war in Iraq of a quite eloquent form:
What is the consequence (of the war in Iraq) for the world-wide

The Publicity in Internet and Its Evolution

Many maintain that the publicity is the motor of Internet. I, as for me, consider that something of reason has. The model of businesses is not no newness of the virtual community. During decades, the radio and the television have financed 95% of their emprendimientos offering a gratuitous service that assures an important hearing to them. Who contribute the capital are the advertisers, in exchange for which its name appears somehow. Unlike televising means, Internet counts on a added advantage: the interactivity. Whereas in the world of traditional means the spectator is a passive agent, Internet brings with himself the possibility of connecting contents towards the Web site of the patrocinador and in addition, to be seen solely by those people who maintain compatible interests with the offered goods or services. In that sense, Internet has all the qualities to become the main receiver of the investment by publicity concept.
New studies made by the InfoAdex consultant for Spain exemplify and reinforce this conclusion still more. The growth of the total investment in publicity in means surpassed 9.2% representing a total of? 16.108 million. That number has not been distributed similarly between different means. The television in the last heads the list with 21.5% of the market and a growth of 8.7% year. The newspapers have a participation of 11.8%, the magazines of 4.5% and the radio of 4,2%.

Still Waiting for eht President Torrijos

Linking in the Cathedral Park Protest. With chained people, hunger strike and picketing in the presidency, indigenous and peasant today begin the third week of protests against mining projects, hydroelectric and residential tourism in the park Cathedral. Santos Feliciano, who is opposed to residential tourism in Bocas del Toro said that the measures will not be enough.