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Hope is the motivating factor for dreams to come true. “We started a new year and safe as you have your resolutions ready, you’ve been dreaming and the big question that comes to mind is how I can achieve my goals, I questions as I have to dream and make this dream a reality. Many are dreaming of wanting to save your marriage, save your business, as there are those who dream of getting married or having a business, others are dreaming of having a ministry in the church, dreams and more dreams … particularly have declared this decade as the decade hope, where we see many dreams fulfilled. Add to your understanding with Senator from Maine. Dream what you wish to achieve is not a bad thing, bad thing is to stay dreaming about not going to happen because last year I tried and nothing happened, well that is past and today is a new day where you can seize the moment and begin generating opportunities that take you to have a great year.

I want to share some of what people learn in the course “Achieving an Extraordinary Life.” Start changing your mental map is important to transform your mind maps or patterns of thought. When you learn to change your mental perception about you and what you can do will be closer to success. What do you think about yourself? When you see the goals that you drawn to this year Do you think you can achieve them? Many fall into the trap of thinking that our past failures mean future failure.