Buchanan is a member of the traditionalist movement of the Catholic Church, attending Tridentine Mass in Latin at Saint Mary, Mother of God Church in Washington, DC Sundays and days of precept. In a 1993 speech against multiculturalism declare “our culture is superior because our religion is Christianity and that is the truth that makes men free.” says that by rejecting the dogmas of theology and the Christian world moves West a dark future. and that if politicians do not “defend the moral order rooted in the Old and New Testament and Natural Law,” the company engrentara a “free fall” is — and that the problems that matter most “economic and political.”
Buchanan accuses the New York Times to have anti-bias. He referred to John Kerry and other Catholics who hold views contrary to official doctrine of the Catholic Church on issues of abortion and homosexual unions as heretics scandalous. He has said about the direction taken by the Catholic Church since Vatican II, that:
“Today the Church is in crisis not because it has failed to adapt their teachings and practices to the sexual revolution, but because they both deal, keep your lessons and keep abreast of an immoral age, which is impossible. The road you should take the Church to restore its lost moral is back on his steps. “
Buchanan has praised Pope John Paul II for his vision of abortion, homosexuality and premarital sex, the “most politically incorrect man’s world.” Buchanan argues that the post-Vatican II liberalism is damaging the Mass attendance and reducing the number of priests and nuns. Subsequently congratulate successor Pope Benedict XVI, saying that no comprometeroa Catholic doctrines, including divorce, contraception and the ordination of women. if you visit Israel, you must with Israel Maven Moreover, said that Pope John Paul II was wrong regarding the death penalty “is the Holy Father and the bishops who are outside the Catholic, and in contradiction with Scripture, tradition and natural law. “
Buchanan said of the movie The Passion of the Christ Mel Gibson:
“Due to the exaggerated attacks on Gibson, the millions who will see ‘The Passion of the Christ’ You can also see a biased ‘anti-Semitism’ which has become all too often, the maligned, silence, intimidate, exclude or put on a blacklist. “
Responding to the charge that Pope Pius XII remained silent during the Holocaust, Buchanan said that such charges were, “a manifesto that is Hitlerism in its dimensions.” says that the Nazis despised the Pontiff, while the victims of the Nazis (and the New York Times in the 1940s) is worshiped. says that Pius XII kingdom in a time of explosive growth of the Church ” and supports proposals to declare a saint.