The mining industry is engaged in the mining of mineral resources, in most cases from the upper crust. Those in charge can carry the most diverse raw materials to the surface. This will cut off such as various metals, rocks, or coal. One of the main raw material is still oil. An important aspect in the production of certain raw materials is guaranteed in the future the removal of the deep sea to be. Because more and more deposits have been emptied and no longer use because of it. When handling in mining, there are three different varieties. In this way, there is the above ground mining and the extraction of raw materials and the underground drilling boreholes. With the above ground mining is understood as the collection of rocks or digging for gemstones. Underground is called the ablation of cardiac iron and coal. Petroleum and natural gas will be promoted through the borehole to the surface mining industry. For the promotion of rocks come to light after the removal sieves used.The screens have divided the task of the different rocks the size of the grains. Finally picked out is actually the desired stone. For different sifting screens are used. In this way there is for example the screening machine. This usually works with an electric motor and can run the material through a periodic disturbance of the whole screen. The tremors dissolve the rock. In this way, ultimately, finer particles are screened out. An entirely different type of sieve is the Gyratory screening machine. In this strain, the screens are placed by a motor in a horizontal circular motion. Last but not least, there are also the so-called Wirbelstromsiebmaschine. All screens have the task of dividing a countless number of screenings to. Of course there is also not quite as large screens. These are mostly used in mining. While gemstones are not seldom found in tiny quantities in riverbeds, it requires at thisExtraction is a totally fine, well lying in the hand sieve. Consequently, there are both different ways to light in support of raw materials and different variations in the sieving of the right raw material. The promotion of raw materials, unfortunately, is more and more behind. In this way the extraction of coal is no longer worthwhile and the oil production will set the long term, because no sources are to find more. For this reason, will be on the promotion of renewable energy from the deep sea is a crucial point in the future. Author: Daniel Keppler eMail: item @