Enrich Your Life With Tarot Society

The purpose of this existence is happiness. People such as More would likely agree. All we seek satisfaction in different ways during our existence. We believe in a love, or having a lot of money or delivering the existence of a cause. These moments are good, but equally sad moment when they are done or we recognize that, too, continued killed. Because happiness is really within oneself, but pursue it tirelessly outside. We give much importance to temporary situations in our lives and relate well with them, forget that when we move our current valencia we empty and hopeless. The tarot is a functional vehicle to establish that it is possible to find real happiness independent of what happens in our lives.

Whatever quesea, this teaches us that each one defines what position is a facet in our reality and how much importance we attach. This practice is very beneficial to help us see things in perspective and ease the suffering. Hold the tarot, watch carefully and select three cards. The first is represent a friend, the second someone who is their enemy and the third one that makes you feel neutral, neither love nor hate. Choose three cards that best represent these beings. Put the cards on the table toward you and consider your enemy.

Look inside this tarot card to a person who has caused pain and be perceived pain or inspires revulsion. Subsequently admitted consciously imagine what event could make the person on your friend. Next, look at the card neutral and feel what that person inspires. Also, think about what should happen for that person to be his friend or enemy. Behold with what will you can love or reject others. Finally, look at the card that symbolizes his friend and discover that being within the tarot card. Think of this guy before was a stranger and something could change at any time. Think what it would be able to turn this friend into an enemy. see again the card of your enemy and watch him train differently. Acknowledge the reality that a simple behavior change could make this be anything else from this moment. Look tarot cards, admitted seeing the three individuals strongly in them and understand how these you want the same thing, happiness. Put yourself in their shoes and stand out. See how flexible we are to label others, and they are to a certain class simply because we have so decided, but in reality, we can get them out of there at any time and prefer to see them through different eyes, eyes of love and happiness. Warning by the tarot that we are not obliged to hate but we can choose love, we are moving towards real happiness.