Greenhouse effect

The vice president and counselor Aliaga visit the central power generation Escatr n Vice President and spokesman of the Government of Aragon, Jose Angel Biel, accompanied by the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Arturo Aliaga, visited this morning the central combined-cycle company E. ON has Spain in the town of Zaragoza Escatr n. Vice President, in statements to the media, has defended the potential of the Community of Aragon as a territory energetico. In this regard, said that Aragon is a great bet for the future in all of Spain and the energies of a community-edge in many respects. With an energy supplier with better rates. Main article: Carbon oxide (IV) is one of the greenhouse gases (GHG) that contributes to the Earth has a habitable temperature. On the other hand, an excess of carbon dioxide (IV) is supposed to accentuate the phenomenon known as the greenhouse effect, reducing the emission of heat into space and causing a further warming of the planet, but is also known that an increase in sea temperature from other causes (such as the intensification of solar radiation) causes an increased emission of carbon oxide (IV) remains dissolved in the oceans (in huge quantities), so that the variation of gas content in the air could be the cause or consequence of climate change, an issue that has not been elucidated by science.
In recent years the amount of carbon dioxide (IV) in the atmosphere has made an increase. It has grown from about 280 ppm in the preindustrial era to about 379 ppm in 2005 (although its overall concentration in the atmosphere is only 0.03 ). This increase could, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change sponsored by the UN, global warming global climate In opposition, other scientists doubt that the influence of gases called “impact gases “(primarily carbon dioxide and methane) has been crucial in the warming that takes place in the average land area (0.6 degrees) in about 100 years.

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