I AM REJECTING MY KIDNEY …….. KB Adriana’s comment motivated me to write this new entry. Perhaps one of the worst phrases that a transplant patient can hear from their doctors is: “you already have a chronic rejection. No doubt only imagine that this wonderful life he has given us the transplant can be completed and also returned to visualize that state where we were before the surgery, dying to feel alive. The word future gradually fades from our vocabulary and thoughts. I remember very well when they told me this phrase in 1984.That same year, shortly after my only sister died and for the same reason: she received a kidney transplant, rejected a month and remained on hemodialysis until four years in the 1984, died. The news that started an irreversible process in my rejection of the transplanted kidney that had me 7 years before was devastating for me, because I immediately thought to go the way of my sister and I made a decision much more difficult to master for my parents for me to concretize that I bought a plane ticket to Europe and told my parents that if I was going to die, he preferred to go through to enjoy travel, how sad, at home and waiting for the moment. I did not buy return ticket, I was 22 and I left home. Three months for taking me sick fasting drugs and was hospitalized 15 days in Helsinki, Finland.Finally at 11 months I became very ill and hospitalized me again two weeks in Kfar Saba, a town 45 minutes from Tel Aviv in Israel. Emergency hemodialysis me there eight times to get fit to travel and I was ordered back to Mexico. When I returned, I removed the kidney and my illusion that it would last forever. Then I reopened it had been formed by clots, internal bleeding and left me open to review the progress of healing. A month later I did the worst and most serious intervention quir gica of my life: I took the pericardium in open heart surgery when he suffered a cardiac arrest and respiratory sent me three days unconscious in intensive care.Of course when I got home I was sure he would soon die. However on 10 July 1986, eight months after heart surgery, I received a second renal transplant, and soon he again changed my world and I was blessed a second time to fully live another 13 years. When in 1999 I rejected the second transplant and everything was different. Now I was sure it was something easy, like changing a battery to a radio when it is finished. And I decided to go for my third transplant. At this time I did not feel sad or thought I would die. I spent eight very long years attached to the hemodialysis machine with cosecuente deterioration of my body and my energy.But everything changed again on 25 April 2007, when for the third time I received a kidney transplant from a cadaveric source.