Initial teacher.

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Normal schools.
Colleges, institutions for training future teachers, in Spain in the Age of Elizabeth II, in parallel with health club the early development of our national system of public education.
Moyano Act of 1857, consolidated the organization gyms of studies, regulated in 1843 and 1849, outlines the character and professional training schools for teachers. In 1858 also would create the Central Normal School of Teachers. The rule also provided elementary teacher qualifications and higher to run the workout schools of these two levels, and normal to master teachers in provincial centers.
The senior school teacher (1909-1914). The creation of the Graduate School Teachers in the early twentieth century, arose from the need to equip our country for teacher educators in preparing a proper and dignified in accordance with the cultural demands of the time. The project of liberal renewal of teacher education in Spain are given in 1893, during one of the mandates of Sagasta, the Report on Reform of Teacher Training Institutions by Santos Maria Robledo. The time was propitious occasion to advance the reform of teacher training, which was an important part of the educational program of the personal trainer Liberal Party in which the main pedagogical ideas of the Free Institution of exercises Education.
The reform of the normal school (Decree of September 29, 1931). Urged to create schools, but urged more to home gym create Teachers, urged schools to provide stop means to fulfill the social function to it, but urged more teacher training to become a priest of this function. The Master must be the architects of the new school. To be precise it reaches a rich regirla formation of his spirit, with strong pedagogical preparation. Hence they become normal schools into professional institutions. Needed in order for the efficiency of the scientific professions, weider the acquisition of higher education. I checked this product and it really does the job: and exercise works excellent together Republic, with this reform, aimed at training, independence, sustain and strengthen the soul of the Master, treadmill so that is the soul of the school.
The General Education Law. The LGE shows how education reform was to ensure the ‘professionalisation’ of the Spanish faculty. The idea of ‘professionalise’ the teacher is trying to develop into, both in the ‘White Paper’ in the Act, proposals and papers from which promoted the workouts need to formally define the ‘professional’ teacher and wellnessbodybuilding transform their training, both in form and content as well as their own academic location.
Initial Teacher Education: The first step towards the professional culture. exercise equipment The gradual spread of compulsory education and the growth and yoga increasing complexity of knowledge to impart on it required gym the figure of the teachers and the need arose as a result of their initial training. It is logical to think that only three courses in the time devoted to academic study, reflection and practice kickboxing is inadequate for the professional preparation of teachers, which means forming a lower and insufficient and a devaluation of the profession.
The initial training should provide a solid background in the field of culture, psychology and personnel, treadmills has to train future teachers work out or teacher golds gym to take on the task of education in all sports club its complexity, acting with flexibility and accuracy required, ie, supporting their shares in a valid justification.
Furthermore, the training should play a decisive role in promoting the teaching pilates profession.
It is important that the initial training institution to reconsider both the content of training as the method with which these are transmitted as the training model act as hidden curriculum of education.
It is necessary to introduce an initial training in the methodology that led to this action research, and to link theory and practice.
aerobics It is also necessary, above all, plans to study a flexible, since the initial training is to prepare for a profession that demands continue studying throughout their career.
The novice teacher in training. The problem of teaching new teachers is not equal to those weight lifting teachers health with exercise some years experience in practice health clubs as teachers. For a teacher who joined the school system begins a professional accommodation to their new work, which, according to various circumstances, may take some courses.
The most common problems they encounter are the new teachers in order of importance: – Discipline in the classroom.

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