Mennonite Central Committee

Different denominations Mennonites, the Brethren in Christ and Amish founded in 1920, with funding from congregations of Canada, United States and the Netherlands, the Mennonite Central Committee, to help their brothers in Ukraine, affected by the suffering caused by World War I and civil war ensued. Since then, the Committee has achieved successful campaign to provide relief throughout the world to poor populations affected by natural disasters or wars, regardless of the beliefs of the people receiving the aid. In Laos, the Committee has helped fund programs to eliminate landmines that were planted during the military campaigns by the U.S. Vietnam War.

Market Wire via Yahoo! Finance
The Honorable Tony Clement, Minister of Industry, the Honorable Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance and the Honorable Michael Bryant, Ontario Minister of Economic Development, today announced that the plans submitted by General Motors of Canada Limited and Chrysler Canada Inc.. are not enough for the governments of the approval of their plans for restructuring.
Miami Herald
President Barack Obama said the government unprecedented control over the auto industry Monday, outright rejection turnaround plans by General Motors and Chrysler, demanding new concessions for long-term federal aid, and increasing the possibility of bankruptcy for both rapid ailing auto giant.
Canoe Money
OTTAWA The federal and Ontario governments say they have not received realistic restructuring plans by General Motors and Chrysler Canada.
CNN Money
The administration gave Obama General Motors and Chrysler LLC is not grades Monday for their turnaround efforts and promised a radical overhaul of the ailing companies. The Government intends to bring the car more money, but the company is also the threat of a “structured bankruptcy.” The federal government will provide operating funds for both car manufacturers for several weeks during the …