Only becomes male

Only becomes male eight weeks after conception. The doctor of medicine and neuropsychiatrist Louann Brizendine compiles the latest findings of science to show that the peculiar structure of the female brain determines how women think, what they value, how they communicate and whom they love. One of the main differences is the brain. The women’s brains are designed to speak more than the brains of men, women daily approximately 20,000 words uttered while men utter 7000, but this does not mean they have larger vocabularies, but they do so for a long longer than men, first by talking a lot more and especially faster than men and using a major work of his brain.All this is because women’s brain is different from men, is predefined for different functions, and it shows the difference in specialized neurons in every brain function, in the case of women, the neurons are very superior to men in many aspects, including the communication function. It is also true that men talk less but are expressed in a more direct and concise phrases instead women are more intricate and indirect. Women bring out to express their feelings, not ndoseles in the intonation of his speech, gestures and body movements, however the man has the same expression as if speaking of something cheerful, as if talking about something sad. These differences in communication generated much discussion within couples: the man complains of having to guess the thoughts because of unclear or phrases with double meanings, while the woman, meanwhile, complain of the lack of emotion and firmly without feeling. According to some scientific studies done about the fact that women’s body is flooded with highly addictive chemicals, comparable to some of them existing drugs heroin. These same scientists also say that studies the brains of men are conditioned by the sex hormone textosterona, this is responsible for the stronger man, but also the increased sexual appetite, otherwise the women who have much less than of that hormone.