Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is visible. The image must be clearly visible as a large, and with the minimum distance at which you can approach the design. Outdoor advertising is the main message. Center of the composition should be be the main advertising message. For example, “Pipes of all sizes,” or “washing machine for 7000 rubles.” Do not try this as the main field to add information that is more fitting and shut-off valve or other than washing machine for 7000 can also buy a refrigerator for the nine thousand and three television. Place these messages separately to other structures. Learn more about this with Uber.

Zone number 1 in outdoor advertising. Logo and name of the company a better place in the top right (there is a person instinctively looks in the first place) Area for the main posts in outdoor advertising. The main advertising message should occupy 30-50% of the total image area. All other information – logo, name, address, phone number, additional conditions and characteristics of the remaining shares 70-50% Corporate identity in outdoor advertising. That you have a corporate identity simplifies task of outdoor advertising, as due to a known potential customer colors and logo, even fleeting contact in the subconscious of the viewer is delayed information that this is your advertising.

Lyrics in outdoor advertising. Lyrics longer than 3 words are not for outdoor advertising! An exception may be supplementary texts that are located on the “rest” from the main message area. In this case, we expect mainly to pedestrians who have opportunity to stop at the design and details of its study. Phones in outdoor advertising. Only one phone! Do not believe me – an experiment. Write on a piece of paper and carried 3.2 phone in front of the subject is not too fast, but not holding before his eyes. Ask the names of at least one number.

Traditional Remedies

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