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Short, well summarizes my life. Was born the glorious day on June 11, 1987 (For the enjoyment of all), in the Spanish city of Madrid. My real name to keep in reserve as anonymous (I say this because of my Fans)), as revealed here Would not you anything at all. My lifestyle is based on early, go to college, go to the academies relevant, down to the gym and study a little more. I caught the name of the first ballistic missile in the world, I am a fan of arms and especially of the twentieth century (especially the world wars and the Spanish civil war).
I realize that I am a “Freak” by some sleeves as you can see in Recreation. Nothing more to add for now. I try to help as much as possible in fintess wikipedia, as it has helped me a lot in my time student of bachelors and helps me to pass those long hours dead. A greeting to all those who are worthy to read about myself. yeah, I want to with an exercise method (Under construction).
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Christiaan Neethling Barnard

… Review to assess the effects of exercise on the heart … tor causes pain Co, the exercise capacity of the heart levels …
Christiaan Neethling Barnard (* Nov. 8, 1922 – September 2, 2001) was a medical surgeon South African descendant of the Scottish families Baliol and Barnard. Study and obtained his doctorate at the University of Cape Town in exercise .
Course medicine at the University of Cape Town, where he graduated in 1953. Started his career as a medical surgeon general in the Groote Schuur hospital in Cape Town, where his older brother Marius was head of the transplant team.
In 1955 he won a scholarship to join the American University of Minnesota, which in 1958 won the title of doctor specializing in cardiology. Alli was gifted pupil of the prestigious Dr. Owen H. Wangesteen, which he introduced in cardiovascular science, while Dr. Shumway is familiar with the technique of heart transplants in animals, so that upon return from the United States, started to practice for several years with dogs. In 1962 he was appointed chief of thoracic surgery Groote Schuur Hospital, where they practiced before his doctorate.
Had experienced for several years with heart transplants in animals, after the first successful kidney transplant in 1954. Barnard performed the first exercise and health transplant in South Africa in 1959.
Organ transplants were not a novelty at the time. The first kidney transplant is performed by Dr. Varony in 1936. In 1953, Hardy performed the first lung transplant on a patient with cancer, and in 1954 Murray achieving successful kidney transplant twins, doing a triple transplant in 1967 of kidney, pancreas and duodenum. In 1964, Hardy said the heart transplant of a chimpanzee to a man who died after one hour by the lower volume of organo ape.
Initially working in the Groote Schurr Hospital in Cape Town, and later moved to the United States where he specializes in cardiovascular surgery. He was a professor at the University of Cape Town since 1963, and globally known for carrying out the Dec. 3, 1967 the first heart transplant in the history of surgery in the year 1967.
That December 3, 1967, a press release that collected all the teletype surprise to the world: a South African doctor had performed the first heart transplant of a human being. The recipient was Louis Washkansky, a businessman, and optimistic burly man of fifty-six years gone by an irreversible cardiac problem, which it joined an acute diabetes. The donor, Denise Darvall, a young clerk of twenty-five years along with his mother hit by a car.
The operation, carried out by a team of twenty surgeons under the direction of Barnard, hard six hours. At the wake, Washkansky declare that core training she felt much better with the new heart. Doctor and patient left catapulted to fame, though eighteen days later, the early morning of December 21, the patient died of pneumonia induced by the immunosuppressive treatment that should be taken.
On January 2, 1968 performed the second transplant. This time the recipient was Dr. Philip Blaiberg, and the donor, the mulatto Clive Haupt. The heart of a black LVL over 563 days in the body of a white. Since that time, in the midst of a controversy that did not cease to respect the bioethics of such interventions (

exercise heart

Do you often feel burned out? Everyone faces mental stress to some extent per day. Rush-hour traffic, anger, panic, frustration, deadlines, sour relationships, pressure – these are all part of city life.
The New Straits Times
Q: I AM a 45-year-old man with a family history of cardiovascular disease. How should maintain a healthy heart? I’m worried about my risk of getting it as something I .
Reuters via Yahoo! News
Women who use during pregnancy tend to stay healthier for decades, research shows.
The intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register
McMECHEN – Andrew Kordack calls himself “Mr. Gadget,” but not because he’s handy around the house. It is because he has a running 24 hours a day.

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if (wgNotice! =”) document.writeln (wgNotice), James Mason

Ribotsky, as the managing partner of the that is one of the leading investment management companies and funds James Mason in a frame With the death on the heels
James Mason (May 15, 1909 – Lausanne, July 27, 1984) British actor born in Yorkshire (England). I reach the stardom in both British and American movies.
Mason study architecture at Cambridge University before starting work in the theater “Old Vic” in London and with the Gates Company in Dublin. 1935 to 1949 starred in many British films bound by the quota of the Cinematograph Films Act of 1927. who has seen great success with his Mitt In 1949 debut in her first movie in Hollywood, Trapped and then starred in many films and television shows. Nominated three times for the Oscar ever won none.
His characteristic voice empowered to represent him as either a bully villain as its attractive appearance helped him become a major player. Among its roles is the decadent born actor has starred in the 1954 version, mortally wounded in a terrorist Odd man out (1946), Brutus in the 1953 movie of Julius Caesar, Captain Nemo in Twenty Thousand Leagues travel Submarine (1954), the evil Black Knight in Prince Valiant, an affable spy With the death on the heels (1959), an ambitious explorer in Journey to the Center of the Earth (also 1959) and Humbert Humbert in Lolita (1963 ). One of his last roles, that of a corrupt lawyer in The Verdict (1982), he did win his third and last Oscar nomination.
Mason died due to a heart attack on July 27, 1984 in Lausanne (Switzerland). He was cremated and his ashes were buried in Corsier-sur-Vevey, Vaud, Switzerland. His old friend Charles Chaplin is in a grave a few steps away from his.

The Times of India
A majority of Americans say Hollywood does not share their moral values, says to a poll commissioned by the Anti – Defamation League.
Contact Music
A Hollywood-based video game company that specializes in creating games based on movies, television programs, and even the Six Flags amusement-park rides, closed Friday, after a year and .. .
Reuters via Yahoo! 7 News
LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – Nearly a year after they walked out the task of the Writers Guild of America’s 100-day strike, Six screenwriters recently met at a Beverly Hills cafe to talk about their work.
TG Daily
Paramount, in collaboration with JJ Abrams (of Armageddon and Mission Impossible III fame) to a new Star Trek The Original Series (TOS) film, for release on May 8, 2009. This film will recover, Kirk, Spock, Bones, Uhura, Scotty and the rest in their familiar roles. However, they will be played by new actors. Besides the new faces, the story line will not completely true to the …

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Yoga – Barcelona. mandiram – Yoga Din co (Barcelona). Leading Yoga Barcelona … Flexible hours. Writing for an appointment Us. Yoga Therapy. E-Mail …
There are about 150 UPA? I? Ad (108 fitness according to the number set by the cabalistic tradition), most of which are written in poetic prose with some features, while a number of them have been composed in verse. strengthening your bust isn’t so difficult when you make a part of your daily exercise and fitness program. workout Its extension can range from the shortest that can occupy a printed page until it reaches longer be about fifty pages. some info on the net on method that does it It is believed that its form, as we know it today, was adopted between the years 400 and 200and # 160; a.and # 160; C. Therefore represent one aspect of Hinduism Vedic almost curves late (although it is believed that some texts were composed in the sigloand # 160; Vianden # 160; a.and # 160; C.).
Hindus believe they were all written by Vi? Sa


there is so much to talk about balls and for great fun and exercise Has: Virtual Classroom in poor condition in Puebla, Library deficient in Puebla, 2 conference rooms, auditorium, clinic, photo lab in pesimo state of Puebla on campus, room MAC very Method old village cadre, CEIC laboratory, lab language, weights and fitness gym, laboratory technology very old TV in Puebla, Cava, tennis workout courts (called Club Jaguar) and cafeteria, Cancha Mr. the wife is going wild about me getting a that has something to do with abs and crunches Beach Volleyball (Ags), Canchas Futbol (Ags), Camara Gesell (Ags, Gld) Biomedical Sciences of Laboratories (Ags), Team exercise Second Division (Ags), Sun Lab (Ags).


The dust has landed, the ink has dried, and who but the less I already have an idea formed on the location of Apple in the market and the vision you have in your line of products.If we have to draw conclusions, I think these would be the most important. Team Apple is much more than Steve Jobs, and although he had already pointed in that direction in previous submissions, the latest call for the press to talk about products was used to introduce “swords” that are moving the strings behind this insurmountable showcase that Steve Jobs.Marinello studied journalism at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, but after a while he decided that his interest in the communication should take the road of the image, so it opted for photography, starting as an assistant teacher and Bob Borowicz refined later in Belgium.
Among other has served as a photojournalist for the Chilean newspaper El Mercurio and the German Stern. In magazines such as Eve, grow and as chief of the magazine photograph of Paula.
During the decade of the’80 formed part of the Workshop One, where Marinello belong to a large group of young photographers. From 1985 to date is a teacher at theSchool of Communications at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, where in 2003 he was awarded the title.
Marinello makes a production which uses both analogue and digital photography to focus primarily on the color image with which to record scenes through its composition, we refer to heartfelt thoughts kinds. This technique is called Fotodigrafia.
A Professional Rodeo Clown Waits for the Showto Begin Photography Framed Art Poster Print by Bobby Model, 29×21 by


French-born father (Louis Encausse, chemical) and Spanish mother, at the age of four years Anaclet Vincent Gerard Encausse and his family moved to Paris, where he was educated.
As a young man, Encausse spent much of his time in the Bibliotheque Nationale thorough study, Tarot, the sciences of magic and alchemy, and the writings of Eliphas Levi. Was entered in the French Theosophical Society shortly after it was founded by Madame Blavatsky in 1884 – 1885, but was dismissed soon because it did not like the emphasis that the Company put in the occult East. In 1888, he co-founded his own group, the Order of the cabalistic Rosacruz. That same year, he and his friend Lucien Chamuel du Merveilleux founded the Libraries and its monthly magazine L’Initiation, which was published until 1914.
Encausse also was a member of the Brotherhood of Light Hermetic and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in Paris, in addition to the Memphis-Mizraim and probably other organizations or esoteric paramasonicas, and also wrote many books on the occult. Apart from its activities paramasonicas and Martinique, was also spiritual disciple of the French spiritualist healer Anthelme Nizier Philippe, “Philippe Maitre de Lyon.”
Despite his deep involvement in the occult and occult groups, Encausse achievement find time to follow more conventional academic studies at the University of Paris. It was Doctor of Medicine in 1894 with a thesis on Anatomia philosophical. Opened a thriving clinic in the rue Rodin.
Encausse visited Russia three times, in 1901, 1905 and 1906, to serve the Tsar Nicolas II and Tsarina Alexandra as well as medical advisor occult. Most movies are made in hollywood where took on the role of Executive Producer for the feature film Burning Mussolini starring Conrad Pla In October 1905, allegedly invoke the spirit of Alexander III, father of Tsar Nicolas, who prophesied that the czar would find his fall into the hands of the revolutionaries. Very talented acters and actresses worked with is a Movie Producer and financier with over 13 years experience in business development and venture capital Encausse followers contend that the wish to inform the czar that he could avoid using the magic of the prophecy Alejandro Encausse continue as long as I live: Nicolas remained on the throne of Russia until 141 days after that Papus died.
While it appears that Encausse served the tsar and tsarina with some capacity essentially shamans, curiously walked the time was concerned about the heavy dependence of the occult who had to advise them in decisions on matters of government. In his latest correspondence, they repeatedly warned of the influence of Rasputin.
When the First World War, Encausse he enlisted in the army medical corps. While working at a military hospital, he contracted tuberculosis and died on October 25, 1916, at 51 years.

The Arizona Republic
For announcing their split earlier this month, Madonna and Guy had been given permission by the local authorities the construction of a covered swimming pool their estate in Wiltshire, South – England.
The West Australian
Madonna is Kabbalah with anger management counseling to deal with anger on her estranged husband Guy Ritchie. The singer has been accompanied on the North American leg of her Sweet and Sticky t
It is not surprising that Kabbalah is an important form faith for many People today. You can almost see many Hollywood celebrities wearing red strings that many would often shrug off as a mere fashion statement.
Independent Online
Madonna has reportedly already estranged husband Guy Ritchie for the first time in weeks in an attempt to their divorce out of court.


I really must look after my which means constant exercise.

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