Parish Caraballeda

Landslide of 1,999: In the middle of December 1999 it began to rain in the mountains of the coast range south Caraballeda being one of the most affected. It is estimated that more than four meters of rain fell in a couple of days. This series brought down mud and debris on the region which claimed the lives of 10,000 to 50,000 people in the region narrow strip between mountains and the Caribbean. Nobody knows for sure how many people died. More than 150,000 people were left homeless after the floods in the federal states of Vargas and Miranda, who made the coastal region and the valley of Caracas. The photograph below was taken five days after the greatest catastrophe of the century.Besides all the buildings that were destroyed on the ground in flat areas, had countless numbers of homes based on the steep sides of mountains up and down the coast. Poor people are homeless and building houses and cement blocks on any land they can find, as quickly as possible cheaper. The mountain area in the upper right corner of the photograph, behind the apartment building “Sea Park” was probably covered the houses before the fall occurred.Some of them stay in this picture, or the remains of some of them are still visible near the base of the mountain. Here’s a video where you can see part of what was the landslide of 1,999 in the parish Caraballeda. dominica