Pierre Henry Pierre

Pierre Henry Pierre Henry Henry is a French composer born on 9 December 1927 in Paris. Pierre Henry is considered the creator, along with Pierre Schaeffer, Henry Fool Musique concr te call and a godfather of electroacoustic music. Never went to school, her parents hired educators who visited his home. In 1944 he began his studies at the conservatory, where he studied piano and percussion with Passeronne, composition with Nadia Boulanger and Harmony with the French master Olivier Messiaen. Between 1949 and 1958, Henry worked in Paris at the Club d’Essai de la Radio Television Fran aise (RTF), founded by Pierre Schaeffer. During this period he wrote his 1950 piece “Symphonie pour un homme seul” in cooperation with Schaeffer. He also composed the first piece of musique concrete that appeared in a commercial film, a short film of 1952 “Astrologie ou le miroir de la vie”. Henry has written music for numerous films and ballets.One of his best known work is the experimental work of 1967 “Messe pour le temps pr sent, one of several collaborations with choreographer Maurice B jart, which appears in his famous piece” Psyche Rock “which was remixed by Fatboy Slim in 1997. Pierre Henry is a key element in the development of musique concr te, becoming the first formally educated musician fully engaged in creating music electronically.

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