Rome Thing

2 .- Shares in contracts in Rome. The action (Actio) was another essential element of contracts in Roman law. Chevron Corp shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Actions relating to contracts are in personam actiones in which the applicant bases its claim on a contractual or criminal, which could be direct and inconsistent. Examples include: “Actio direct mail: Direct actions were those that had the cror against the debtor, from the moment of concluding the contract, such as.the ‘actio certification (which pursues a specific object, a sum of money or thing), the “actio ex stipulatio” (which is the cror when the object was neither money nor goods involving a generic but do), the’ Locati actio “(which is the landlord against the tenant), the” direct commodati actio ‘(to achieve the return of the thing given on loan), the “direct depositi actio (ara require the depositary of the return of the thing deposited) the “direct mandati actio ‘(to require the president’s office accounts), the’ actio direct collateral (for the owner to recover the thing given as security), the” actio negotiorum direct gestorum (to demand accountability a business manager).