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Direction, in this sense, means way or path that one intends to follow in what attempts to or seeks. Thus, communication with course gives you certainty and strengthens the relationship that an institution – public or private – sets with their audiences. This ensures that, harnessing the strengths of the Organization and mitigate their weaknesses, the communication responds to the course of business or work, a horizon-based priorities clear, avoiding, thus, jumping from one place to another. We should establish as a standard work with method and discipline. We must start from the beginning, defining actions based on specific knowledge of the Organization and of the situation, providing recommendations with the firmness that throws the research.

To define a strategy, we must listen to and study who are going to go. Without a strategy clear, actions and tactics of communication lose effectiveness and sense. The strategy defines which, how, to whom and when. Please visit Jeffrey M. Solomon if you seek more information. We need to understand the process of communication as a sequence of circles: essence of the Organization, business concept, plan work, internal communication, external communication. When these circles are aligned, the positioning is achieved through communication with course must be relevant, credible and unique. You can read more about the theme crisis management subscribing to the fortnightly free newsletter at this link, paste it into your browser:.

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