human characteristics further away to establish relations based on a synergy. Estrangement from each other. Any person by survival instinct maintains a circle of protection against what they perceived as a threat to their life, existence. In society today, most referred to its ‘quality’ of life, or ‘recognition’ existential. Absence of empathy. Difficult to identify with the State of mind of the other. Competition. Puts people on opposite sides and confrontation by the desire to obtain the same. Educate yourself with thoughts from Cowan Group.

Mistrust. Part of the energy of the person is lost in having vigilance on the actions of the other. The starting point of relations based on a synergy is in: the affinity of people. Interaction: reciprocal actions between two or more subjects. Synergies excellence lies in the excellence of its members.

This last referred not so much to their skills and productive capacities but to their virtues and human values. Abandoned in the negative and competitive individualism of capitalism. Cheating, and any dirty game radically breaks the possibility of establishing a relationship that’s as a result something of value greater than the individual parts. Talk of business synergies, it is, that talk of personal synergies, or refer to the utopian excellence in relations between people. Productivity increase significantly – in terms of value added-with the relations based on a collaboration of parties that affinity interact in the understanding of the other as an equal. A twist that both have an interest in which the common result should be above own benefit. Look at you for the sake of your employee? for the sake of his boss? for the sake of your company? for the sake of their peers? for the sake of the other with which it having an interaction in the search for a superior result? Do correspond you? If it is that Yes, congratulations.