Teleport Up To 1000km From Home, 3 Times Less Expensive Than Moving !

HAVE + offers tailor-made services CAMERA MOBILE SMART. The clients HAVE + viewing from the office of footage to thousands of miles by teams BE +. The shooting is done online, which allows the sponsor to fully master the achievement by giving his instructions framing, zooming, moving, etc., directly to the camera. The images he receives on his computer correspond exactly to what he could see with his own eyes he was there. Freed of the constraints associated with travel (cost and time), customers can follow HAVE + remote meeting site, a car expert, a business event or family, etc.. The use of technologically simple and lightweight allows great flexibility of implementation at reasonable cost, up to three times cheaper than a trip. Real aid todecision, the CAMERA SMART MOBILE multimedia device is a must for building professionals, public works, insurance, expertise, etc.. This service is also scope for individual holders of real estate projects or simply unable to move. About the author: Team HAVE HAVE + + relies on a network of professional camera video report live Federated around DARGENT Benoist, founder of the company. Professional mobile technologies, Benoist DARGENT designed this innovative project to meet a real need for companies not covered by the supply of conventional video reports. The fabulous possibilities of the technology associated with real need arose supply service CAMERA MOBILE AND INTELLIGENT!