The letters of

The letters of Carlos Allende’s story of the Philadelphia Experiment is based mainly on information contained in two letters sent in 1956 by Carlos Allende (Carl Allen) Morris Jessup. In the translation have not kept the original spelling mistakes, but he has tried to preserve the amazing “tone” of Allende. First Letter Dear Dr. Jessup: The invocation of the public to move en masse on their representatives and have enough pressure and placed in a proper and adequate number of places where a law can be approved for the Unified Field Theory of Dr. Albert Einstein (1925-27) is put into practice is not necessary. We used the “results” of my friend Dr. Franklin Reno … The results today were and are proof that the Unified Field Theory is correct to some extent … The “result” was complete invisibility of a ship, Destroyer type, and all his crew. I was surfing. (Oct. 1943).The field was effective in an oblate spheroid shape that stretched a hundred yards (more or less, due to the lunar position and latitude) beyond each side of the boat. Anyone within that sphere became vague way but he also saw those people on board that ship as if they too were in the same state, yet were walking upon nothing. Anyone outside of that area could not see anything but clear-cut as the ship’s hull in the water … There are very few original experimental crew now, Lord. The most insane, one went through the wall of his lodging at the sight of his wife and son and 2 other crew members (not to be seen again), two went to the Fire “or were immobilized and burned while carrying a common compass … (burned 18 days) … The experiment was a complete success. The men were complete failures.Check Philadelphia newspapers looking for a parrafito (top of the sheet inside the paper near the final third of the newspaper, 1944-46 in spring or autumn or winter, not summer) of a story describing the actions of the sailors after their initial trip. They raided a premises in the Navy shipyard “Gin Mill” or “Beer Joint” and caused a great stir and paralysis of the waitresses who were understandably some might take that paragraph and who wrote it does not believe it, and says “I just wrote what I heard, these women are crazy …” I request you to this bit of research just to swallow his tongue when I remember what “requested that becomes law. Very disrespectfully yours, Carl M. Allen PS I’ll help you see more if I can.(Z416175) Second Letter (days later) and added notes belonging to the letter I mentioned that also somehow disappeared from the boat dock Experimental Philadelphia and few minutes later appeared on another pier in Norfolk, Newport News, in the area Portsmouth. This was clearly marked and identified as the place but then the boat, disappeared again and returned to its dock in Philadelphia in just a few minutes or less. This was also noticed in the newspapers. But I’ve forgotten which paper I read or when it happened. Probably by the end of the experiments. It could have been in 1956, after experiments were finished, I can not say for sure. Very sincerely, Carl M. Allen Dear Mr. Jessup: I asked what is tantamount to positive proof of something that only the duplication of devices that produced “This phenomenon” could give … I can never satisfy such an attitude …I can be of some positive help to you in myself but to do so would require a Hypnotist, Sodium Pentothal, a recorder and an excellent typist to produce material of value to you … I am an observer of the stars Mr. Jessup. I hide it and not that … I’m sure now where man will be dreaming … to the stars via the form of transport that the Navy accidentally stumbled upon (to his dismay) when his ship exp. took off and showed up a minute or so after several hundred nauticalmiles … Perhaps the Navy has already used this accident of transport to make their UFOs. That is progress from all points of view. What you do you think Very respectfully, Carl Allen.