The seven members

The seven members of the group Iranian Mehr – ULY MARTIN A group of Iranian women, who in his country can be interpreted by a single female, currently in Spain for the first time ANAIS BERDIe – Madrid – 22/03/2009 Mehrbanu learned from eight years to give life to your voice to traditional Persian music. Now 29 and has an amazing voice, shaped with the help of teachers in Iran, his country. But there is not free to sing. On stage in Madrid, the hall to see them, know that they listen to many men. And feel free. After graduating in classical music and Viterbo (I) is the power of political science at Florence, who left quickly for the Faculty of Medicine in Rome.
Graduate is married and reform of the army but nevertheless enter as a volunteer for the war in Ethiopia as a physician, for all living human experience. Back is a physician assigned by the municipality of Rome to Fiumicino and Caffarelletta neighborhood, where the first contact with the desolation and misery of the slums, hence their involvement in the anti-fascist war of resistance (including its brother, the leader and hero of the anti-fascist resistance Mariano Buratti).
After the war was also to engage in Mine Ingurtosu in Sardegna.
In 1951, he went to Iran to participate in the project of Italian aid to the Persian population and for over ten years was dedicated to assisting people in remote regions of this country. Inter alia by organizing a small hospital in Kurdistan, in Sericiabad, where he lived some years.
By mandate of WHO is in the Congo mission after the 1961 civil war going regularly until 1965-66. Also in Algeria until he returns to Iran where he continues his work as well as physician and artist until the revolution of Khomeini in 1978.