The Venetians

The Sage leaves the path and finds the road; fools cling to the road and lost the trail. The book of leadership and strategy Huainanzi what is Marketing? A word of English origin, the summary of an action, the name of a Department within a company, a technique, a philosophy, perhaps the success of whoever uses it. Many centuries ago the Phoenicians used a number of tools and techniques to meet the tastes of their clients distributed throughout the Mediterranean, and based on them were large exploratory trips to obtain the desired product. The Venetians from the financial point of view managed to dominate European banking. In history there are a number of experiences in the search for a company’s success. Formerly in the populous markets, something as well as flea markets, perhaps like those we see in the Bay of Hong Kong, in the city of Cairo or in the alley of the poor in Maracaibo where Traders shouted.