Username: GATTOGABRIEL BIOGRAPHY. GATTOGABRIEL. Son of Felix Rodriguez and Maritza Hernandez, with two brothers Yamileth and Frederick, whose name is Engelberth GATTOGABRIEL Gabriel Hernandez Rodriguez, was born On March 24 of 19 . Home study is the elementary school music “Emilia Rosa Molina in La Vela de Coro – high school” Liceo Juan C. Falcon, “and in Chichiriviche” Jose Ramon Yanez, studies tested various careers such as: University of Law — UBA Maracay-A – Air Force Venezuela. Also sporting careers – Federacion Venezolana de Vela Where did you get several titles in the ranking thanks to the National Sailing School and Sandor Kratochvil Wenseslao Dominguez, went to Bonaire to represent Venezuela where he was ranked 11 of the semi Olimpico. For the years 1994 / 1995 Travel to Tarpon Spring USA interested in marine life and the aquarist with Aqua Quest LTD. Dive into a race, marine aquariums, and marine ecosystems, outside its habitat, in his spare time saw guitar lessons with “BOO BOO and Richie” who was influenced by American music Rebel …Three years later he returned to Venezuela and is associated with his cousin “Aldrin Rodriguez” firm undertaking an aquarium and tropical fish called Triton Aquatic Discovery Divers – CA, and the project still stands, A Gatto meeting with him in free time on a beach with his guitar and a thousand songs for their friends and familiar. Tourism worked with his father who owns “Chalet Turistico Playa Sur” Beach club and Boating “in Venezuela Chihciriviche falcon. So it stays in charge for a while in this business in 1998 The family is called to work with a television CABLE MAX as regional host of a local program called “Short Circuit”, broadcast from Coral Suites Hotel 5 together with Jhonny Palacios Productions. Virtured works in 1999 in German Internet company in Venezuela. and then travels to Puerto la Cruz. as sales manager RCY “Royal Caribbean yatching club” in 1999 – 2000 the company traveled to Margarita Island in search of new markets with the idea of a Media Center with cocktails and live music.2001 started his own business called “It’s Showtime” live entertainment to hotels and the numerous deals that he offered Playa el Agua arriving soon. is offered a contract with Music Director Roman Giacomini and Nelson Cordova Karu Group principal singers, and he has an opportunity of singing Dan at Hotel Le Flamboyant, and after many successes are incorporated into the contract: Hotels Hesperia, flamenco, Palm Beach, Portofino, Dunnes, Caribbean Coast, Hipocampus, Casino and Hilton Hotels, Puerta del Sol etc … GATTOGABRIEL in turn was released Working with Dj. Beach water (DJ. Minor) where he took his Fame, with its “ok – ok – ok” at the beach bar and then MOISES PANARO tropical paradise, in both places encouraged the party to audiences around the world in vacasionavan Plya WATER. His first songs were Princesa, and Chupy Chupy, besides versions of Teen’s – MANA and other trade groups. 24 DICIMBRE 2001 offers work in the Hotels as Managing STAFF ACTIVITIES.Animation team where he began his remarkable success, the group separated and formed Karu “THE MARGARITA PEOPLE III” (mp3), JC PORFESOR GUZMAN JUAN CARLOS DE MUSICA – SAMANTHA HAZELL HOST THE MEGA-NELSON CORDOVA MUSICIAN CENTRAL UNIVERSITY – GATTOGABRIEL Animo model and singer. with whom he traveled through part of Margarita Island and Venezuela with great success MP3 seeking. So much so that they stayed to live a season in Margarita Island, where he worked in television commercials, Modeling for Army clothing, SANDRO, GERMAN ROMERO. Multiple Presentations at major events such as VIPlounge inauguration CC. SAMBIL, Miss Venezuela Organization (Miss Nueva Esparta). in 2002 he recorded a CD called “Recopilation karu” to Hotel le’flamboyant Franco and Elizabeth Benatti. Those who were like parents and shook his hand and all possible support to GATTOGABRIEL early in his career. she went solo in 2003, and sings like GATTOGABRIEL AND ITS ‘MP3’. DANNY MOSQUEDA.(DJ DANNY G) AND FRANKLIN HERNANDEZ (FRAN KEY), they went to seek fame and fortune to the Netherlands .- GATTO AND MP3 sepresentaron in urban areas to pay the volet de Venezuela / Holland / Venezuela, … Crossing the line of the anonymity it out to root for his role in the series Dominica shows “Puerto Latino Rotterdam participated in video clips and TV shows along with other colleagues. It produced a show in which he played GATTOGABRIEL Latin pop singer and musical figure VEN MORENA delmomento doing covers of Hermanos Rosario, In 2005 she released her first single with the princess theme and some instrumental songs on guitar, ‘Sense’ of genre Reggae-Latin Recorded at house.With the show returns to Marguerite Da’latinlovers tour and get successful denuevo the name sounds “mp3” the same year he made a short tour through Holland: Haarlem – Amsterdam – Rotterdam – Venray – Zandaam and Sandfort, is hired as musical image the restaurant chain ABRIKOOS Tapas Merraans “Enter LAKHAI Management work with Roxy who has close ties successful bands of importance such as: K-liber, Goldy, PARTY SQUAD, among others.