Was opened with great expectations of Patpro Videos

The film, besides being an art, is a transcendent source for historical studies and an auxiliary instrument of finance unquestionable value to reconstruct social and cultural settings, as certain facts can be shaped by what they told us and as we were told, from the big screen, but also, so silent, hid or strongly manipulated. Therefore, aware of the importance of audiovisual material, the update program for professional qualification in Communication Sciences, inaugurated the library, with over 50 titles, including commercial business loans feature films, documentaries and shorts, of different nationalities (USA, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Asia). We are confident that this whole unsecured loan audiovisual material will be of great help for students in the development and investigation of their work, demonstrating that any document, regardless of medium, is capable of analysis and assessment. It should be noted that commercial loan this represents a major financing effort Videos teachers and authorities Patpro of communication, encourage in students a more critical and comprehensive information on the current reality from the seventh art. The Video Library is open to students of Patpro, on sba loan loan under strict preservation of audiovisual material. Hours of operation are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3 to 6 pm, program offices, located in Piura Jr. Callao 247. If you are looking for a financial expert go to has been a member of major companies To follow, click-and small trailer of some of the most representative titles: CASABLANCA (USA – 1942) THE GREAT Dicato (USA – 1940) Chronicle of an Escape (ARGENTINA – 2006) BLOOD DIAMOND (USA – 2006) JFK (USA — 1991) Innocent Voices (MEXICO – 2004) Fahrenheit 9 / 11 (USA – 2004) Mr. Smith goes to Washington (USA – 1939) Machuca (Chile – 2004) WINTER IN private equity BAGHDAD (SPAIN – 2005)