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Source: Blog AndreaForex Consider the matter: In the past 2 to 3 years the Internet has been flooded with more and more information (seminars, videocurso, digital books, etc. ….). Millions of topics and content available to everyone, some free and some for more or less reasonable prices. They covered all aspects in the field of marketing and Internet business. We live in turbulent times and it brings: More people are busily finding alternatives and business investment to continue participation in the economy. Increasing demand for people who want to start a business online. Companies seeking an outlet in e-commerce to avoid losing sales. The Internet is already ten years ago and has become as much as the stock exchange (stock exchange) and real estate business proven methods of gaining wealth now joins the Internet as an alternative to generate wealth with diagrams and models tested in the network . The MLM, Sale of Goods, Infoproductos, infopreneur, online investment, are some of the schemes to hit the mailboxes of many users, with the appetite to sell their products or services, industries, foul-mouthed as the accused as MLM or Multilevel second-class economies, is now one of the most dynamic schemes, but has many followers there are detractors, its presence indicates that the industry has come to be many years among us, recently this emerging network with a large growth in networks related to electronic financial transactions, we do not want to go into details but there are a growing wave of online investment. Although you can not tell if this industry is going to take the revolution in the sector due to economic forces, legal and ups and downs as conception is to think in any industry, this sumarle unscrupulous persons who denigrate the good work of some companies of the medium. If you have the butterfly effect that goes from flower to flower to believe that this is the flower that will change my situation is not wrong if you develop any activity linked to forex let me tell you that to succeed in whatever position you must have a 30 inspiration and 70 perspiration. In AndreaForex have much to say and hope that this information is the Informacci n if not just information but also for your action in the forex activities. For a Hispanic community more transparent in the forex.