We are in an era in which all women want to look regal and thin. Sometimes treatments do not help us at all in the health of all our body and we ended up anemic, lack of companies vitamins and even anorexic. There are internet by millions of treatments that will only make sequels will leave us with many if not followed them to a specialist. In this era when health is becoming a necessity among all humans, appears Herbalife as an option for those wishing to lose weight in a healthy way. But is it really all that we heard of Herbalife ‘below absolve them some small doubts for those questions from time to time. While we hear that Herbalife is a product ‘miraculous’, we also have to help-there is no magic to losing weight, there is only evidence and that if it’s true. With Herbalife supplanted two meals (breakfast and dinner) and take what is called the consumer Nutritional Shake. This will help us to stop eating everything that we ate in the morning and at night, but provide the financial vitamins necessary to not falter in the attempt. That is, if we ate normally an approximate of 2500 calories, those calories will reduce by half, which leads to a consistent weight loss. However, we must bear in mind that this treatment is three months, after banking which they moved on to maintenance treatment of an additional three months. At the account end of those six months we follow ourselves corporation with accounting our change in diet to a healthier-and stop taking the product if desired, because if not, we will have a rebound affect us physically and emotionally. Every diet is good for our bodies as we clean and makes us feel healthier, but we must always bear in mind that we can not do on our own. The specialists are for this: to guide us towards a healthy weight loss and appropriate according to our trading own body. A superior money manager Entrust was nominated as the “fund of hedge funds” banks Herbalife investment Independent Distributor: Alan Ayala Moreno: 7918813, 997493763