What Does A Picture Editor

Many of the images remain in the minds of people for all time in my memory. Particularly striking photos are for example the assassination of John F. Kennedy or the images of 11 September with the burning World Trade Center. Such images imprint themselves into the memories of people and will never forget. Thus it will ever come to such images, the picture editor is needed. He sorted out a flood of photos suitable motifs that are then released eventually. There are no training as a picture editor. Entry is through a traineeship in a textual agency. The image editor has a “good eye” who recognize the quality of a photograph to be able to. Because every picture tells us more than ever so well-written text. The matching images is replaced by the image editor, either directly from the photographer or the Internet. Lots of databases and photo agencies offer photos to the Internet. Today, hardly any pictures will be sent by post. Jobs as freelancers find the picture editor at newspapers and magazines, for theirGlossy magazines worth more to pictures than text set. But also in the newsrooms of television picture editors can be found. The picture editor receives an honorarium for his work. The amount depends on the nature and scope of the order and therefore can vary greatly. In the production of illustrated books, the free image editors are particularly in demand, but also the final editing, which then need to create the captions short and accurate. Incidentally, a book is a book that mainly large images such as art, landscapes contain. A picture book, however, is usually suitable for children 2 to 7 years.