After 1969

The crisis dragged on and got worse as the economic and institutional problems were not solved. However, the hospital continued excellent level of care, to which the alien was no continuity in the Post-Graduate Institute and the activities of the College of Nurses, to a large extent, could overcome the shortage of staff and resources materials. This second stage begins with the insufficient economic support that resulted in the recruitment with the Social Security one of their flags, until it built care homes in Cantabria.To solve the general crisis faced by the institution, came the decree of the Council of Ministers on 24 April 1969 Private Charitable Foundation extinguished the Casa de Salud Valdecilla Foundation to create a Public Hospital Services and Welfare “Marqu s de Valdecilla” which is incorporated in the Casa de Salud Valdecilla, “without losing their personality or misuse of the will of its founder” composed as a special unit, in that foundation, under the supervision of the Provincial Government of Santander, which provides, the same, Provincial Maternity Hospital, Kindergarten, New Parayas Psychiatric Hospital and Geriatric Center. At that time, establishing the agreement with the University to spend Valdecilla to perform the functions of a university hospital, responsible for teaching and training of clinical subjects. New blocks are built and set goals with Social Security.In 1970 he performed an upgrade of facilities for an amount of 511,241,167 euros, bringing the Directorate General of Health on 50 reimbursable and running the rest of the amount payable by the Provincial de Santander. With this modernization is creating new services, and improved the already formed, also are other areas of specialization, and to modernize equipment and define the departmental structure. It is an important medical records, which is also an important means of work for scientific publications. A new building is constructed with input from the Ministry of Education and Science for the School of Nursing, more modern and more resources for teaching.You set up years later by the hospital association and the Residence Valdecilla Cantabria, which becomes a Special Center of Social Security and to adapt to this change becomes Valdecilla Hospital Genera and Cantabria Health Residence transformed into Maternal and Child Center, getting all the denomination’s National Medical Center “Marqu s de Valdecilla”. This project was signed on 22 June 1972, taking charge of the Social Security Administrative economic management. The volume and size of investments and changes made by comparing the figures set the time of the merger.Upon the merger in 1973 Valdecilla Foundation had a staff of 379 people and 682 care homes in Cantabria, ie a total of 1061 people, and in 1982 the total workforce dle Medical Center was 4,000 people, is , practically had created 3,000 jobs, becoming the Medical Center, the number of employees, first of all enterprises in Cantabria. Importantly, the creation of the Faculty of Medicine (since decades old aspiration above) in 1972, although the first course would not start until 10 January 1973, with the director since 1969 as dean Valdecilla-curator, Segundo Lopez Velez. We used the powerful device Valdecilla and aid from the County for development of the faculty.In 1982 he achieved the necessary funds worth over 500 million pesetas for the initiation of remodeling Valdecilla wards from the old foundation, in order to devote to the expansion of activities in various sectors, such as combining care of cancer patients.