Alfonso Albacete

Alfonso Albacete (n. Antequera, province of Malaga, Spain, Asset Management 1950) is a Spanish painter and engraver. Among the group of painters who critics and art historians have included within the Gupo of Nueva Figuraci n Madrid.
Albacete’s painting focuses on a vital and open chromatism influenced by the American abstraction and pop art. Alfonso Albacete has become one of the most prominent representatives of Spanish painting, Children’s Hospital and his job is in the hinge which integrates abstraction and figuration.
Pictorial form is with John Bonafe, then starting his studies of University of Southern California Fine Arts and Architecture in Valencia and Madrid. His work since the first ninety opens an iconography that is consistent throughout the painting passed its production: the human figure, the still life and landscapes, but in the nineties has been open to more abstract.
In 1988 the Spanish Museum of Contemporary Art devotes his first retrospective exhibition.

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