Calculation of cash flow staff

Intel Corporation has announced that the company has obtained during the third quarter a record income of 10,217 million dollars, as well as 3098 million dollars in operating revenues from 2014 million dollars in net revenue and for Philanthropy, and funds, 35 cents in earnings per dollar action. ? Intel has achieved higher revenues during the third quarter in its history? Paul Otellini has stated, president and CEO of Intel.Theoretically, to calculate the cash flow of a person should not be difficult, given the availability of the exact figures of revenue and expenses. In practice, it is a complex process because they generate more profits and expenses of those remaining in print invoices and checking accounts, for example, the interest that gives us our money, our investment, the cost of such investments, and so on. That is why we carry a portfolio of income and expenditure to give updated daily and month-end figures that were sought. Calculate the cash flow and obtain the graph movements during long periods of time give us an overall vision of where our money is generated because it is intended to long term, are the times when they generate more costs and benefits when more and the most important: to know the latest status of our current account.
Cash flow = Net profit Depreciation Allowances