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Mobile telephony in Chile emerged in the mid 1980s when the government wireless phones of Augusto Pinochet permitted frequencies to cover the national territory. He was also, in cellular phone plans 1988 there were three companies that provide cellular phones the cellular communications: CTC Mobile (subsidiary you get a free cell phone when you join any of the plans of the phone company of Chile) and Mobile CIDCOM ‘subsequently acquired 100 by BellSouth – and now in the Metropolitan cellular providers Region and Region V Santiago, Mobile Telecom (a subsidiary of ENTEL Chile) and VTR Celular Motorola (VTR Telecom subsidiary), both covering the areas between the I and Region V, and VI of the XI Region.
In the beginning, cellular coverage the mobile telephone market in Chile was reduced to large businesses, HTC senior executives and government officials, the product of the high costs meant to have this kind of services. Among LG the Nokia main obstacles to its expansion was the high cost of the terminals’ companies have a limited stock mainly supplied by Motorola, NEC and Panasonic ‘the fact of having to pay for calls made and wireless providers received by customers and National roaming charging, if found in an area outside that covered the service provider.
In the mid-nineties, the mobile phone market changes were made: cell phones to extend the coverage of their customers and reduce costs, CTC Celular joins’ then buy cellular phones ‘a VTR Celular, born the first cell phone companies in Chile coverage throughout the country: Startel.
It was this latter company opened the doors to the mass of your product, to market the first product of prepayment of the country: Samsung Amistar. The proposal was simple and direct: Everyone could have a mobile phone free phones at low cost and national coverage. And cell phones that is supported in a figure little traditional advertising, by using the image of a Gasfiter all the plans include (plumber) who received calls at work everywhere. Was’ Faundes’ ‘The protagonist of the television spots of Amistar’ who was as popular as mobile phones, which already had a larger stock of terminals provided by Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola and other companies.
Furthermore, Telecom Celular led to the birth of a new mobile communications company that sought to penetrate the market plans in innovative ways. mobile phones ENTEL PCS emerged in 1997, being the first to offer GSM slider phone services in the country. Almost whole Chilesat PCS (Branch Chilesat) coverage offered by CDMA technology provided by the U.S. Qualcomm.
Currently, mobile operators in Chile include: Movistar (Telefonica Branch ‘which it acquired from Bellsouth), Entel PCS and Claro (which has been with every plan owned by Chilesat, LEAP Wireless Endesa and candy bar phone Spain – under the name Smartcom PCS – and currently owned by America Movil).

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