Citigroup: Microsoft to buy Yahoo!

Buy, sell or hold? That is the dilemma facing every day an agent operating in the financial markets. The goal is to buy those securities whose prices are expected to rise in the short term, sell those that are expected to fall, and when it is expected to keep current prices continue to rise but there is no justification to buy a larger amount. One company in particular is the subject of controversy in the stock markets. Shareholders are wondering what to do with the actions of Yahoo!. The problem is that the company is not yielding good results and the value of its shares tend to be low. However, Microsoft says that the interest in acquiring the technology company draws attention of the shareholders. If Microsoft achieves its objective, the actions of Yahoo! Rise dramatically from its current low level. Still, it is possible that the transaction is not achieved, attention was thin and shares of Yahoo! Finish on the floor. Today, the investment bank Citigroup has made public its forecasts. In the view of experts, what should be done to shareholders is to buy shares of Yahoo! Therefore ensure, will be held by Microsoft in a very short time.