Colombian Presidency (2002-2006)

See also: Presidential elections in Colombia (2002) and President of Colombia 2002-2006
lvaro Uribe Velez, who had always militated within the Liberal party, to the 2002 presidential elections initially as its pre-party. However, Asset Management the candidate alleges lack of guarantees to compete against ex-minister and ex-presidential candidate Horacio Serpa, and besides the increasingly ideological differences between the two (Serpa, representing a social trend and Uribe, towards a more right within the Liberal Party), decided to run as an independent. His main contenders were Horacio Serpa, representing the Liberal Party, former union leader Luis Eduardo Garzon by Polo Democratico Independiente, the former Minister Noemi Sanin If by movement, and the funds Colombian Senator Ingrid Betancourt by the Oxygen Green Party (the latter , ended his campaign to be kidnapped by the FARC). Several liberal leaders and the Conservative Party ‘in these elections that it was withdrawing the candidacy of former Minister Juan Camilo Restrepo, expressed support for Uribe.
Uribe was elected president of Colombia for the period 2002-2006 to 53 of the total votes (5,862,655 votes), defeating his main opponent, Horacio Serpa won 31.8 of the votes (3,514,779 votes ) and becoming the funds first president to win election in the first round since the introduction in the 1991 Constitution. According to the National Civil Registry, participation in elections was 46,471 (11,249,734 people) of the electoral roll.
In 2002, Uribe’s presidential campaign received 100 million pesos from the company Uniapuestas, in which the lady Enilse Lopez (aka “La Gata”) was the majority shareholder .
Subsequently, Lopez was arrested and accused of several professional charges for money laundering and diversion of funds, other related litigation. In the past there was also criticized and considered suspicious of being related to drug trafficking, specifically with Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha of the Medellin cartel member, which is why we started to suspect the honesty with which Uribe received the money. 47 and lately with the paramilitaries.
However, Uribe and his former campaign manager, Fabio Echeverri have argued that they did not hide anything on the financing of his campaign, that amount was reflected in the accounts and not incurred in any illegal conduct and that in 2002 Lopez Enilse companies were legally constituted.
Several critics, including the pre-candidates of the Liberal party and the Polo Democratico Alternativo, questioned both the morality of receiving such monies as potentially incurred in any professional conduct investments to accept something not proven to this day.

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