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Close your eyes DIRECTOR Elias Querejeta ACTORS Maribel Verd Bethlehem Laguna SYNOPSIS Ana is a journalist who, for his work, he has traveled many different places around the world. Since his teens, influenced by his father, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its contents have given a place from which to observe the individual and collective behavior of human development. It is also an expert in the use of new technologies of communication. That, coupled with its effort to improve human relations, leads him to set a document to give notice of the terrible violations of human rights. Honeymoons (honeymoon) DIRECTOR Goran Paskaljevic ACTORS Nebojsa Milovanovic, Jelena Trkulja, Petar Bozovic, Lazar Ristovski, Jozef Shiroka, Mirela Naska Bujar Lako, Yllka Mujo SYNOPSIS In the hope of a better life, two couples leave their respective countries. Melinda and Nik traveling to Italy from Albania to live freely prohibited relationship. Vera and Mark, for its part, leaving Serbia and across Hungary towards Austria. Marko, a cellist of considerable talent, have the opportunity to enter the Vienna Philharmonic. But at the border, and despite having the appropriate visa, the problems begin. Due to an unfortunate series of coincidences, are arrested. The hope that had sheltered to realize their dreams in Europe for them, the Promised Land “is gone.As so often happens to young Balkan states, are forced to pay for the mistakes of the previous generation. Cooking with Stella (Cooking with Stella) DIRECTOR Dilip Mehta ACTORS Don McKellar, Lisa Ray, Seema Biswas, Shriya Saran, Vansh Bhardwaj, Maury Chaykin, Shriya Saran, Alexian Perreault SYNOPSIS A friendly social satire about a Canadian diplomat and her husband, chef Michael, who have gone to New Delhi. In reaching this city, they inherit all the servants who work in what will be your new home. Leading the team is the cook: charming and attractive woman-but also full of tricks-which is called Stella. The last thing you imagine Michael, when Stella offers to become her mentor in the arts of traditional Indian cuisine, is that women have hatched a plan. Spanish Hollywood DIRECTOR Ramon Colom, Paul Luxurious ACTORS Antonio Banderas, Fernando Trueba, Inocencio Arias, Bigas Luna, Ignacio Darnaude, Fernando Bovaira, Jos Luis Garci, Jos Luis Borau SYNOPSIS Hollywood has always winning talent. Sometimes he has encountered at home and others had to cross the Atlantic to find him. Professionals from all countries have sought an opportunity in the city of Los Angeles. Want to know what role they have played in the Spanish colony of aspirants to succeed ‘English US Hollywood’ looks at the history of the Spanish in the Mecca of cinema, from early silent film actors as Antonio Moreno, Conchita Montenegro to professionals with more projection in the mecca of cinema. 15/03/09 The last offensive DIRECTOR Y igo Juan Carrascal, Jos Luis Sanz Rodriguez ACTORS Felipe Gonzalez, Mauricio Funes, Alfredo Cristiani, scar Arias, Manuel Alc ntara, Salvador Samayoa, Hector Dada, Horacio Castellanos SYNOPSIS For twelve years was held in El Salvador a fratricidal war.