The economy of the province of Loja is the twelfth in the country, experienced an average growth of 3.67 between 2002 and 2007. Growth was below the national average of 4.3 during the same period. The January consumer inflation in 2009 was located about 0.60 in the city of Loja, below the national average of 8.83, according to the INEC. Loja is the city with the greatest influence on GDP of the province, according to the study, conducted by the Central Bank of Ecuador, Loja city contributes to about 1.9 of the national economy. As one of the central provinces of Ecuador, Loja canton whereas for 87 of the provincial economy (2.3 nationally). citation needed .”The economically active population of the canton Loja, according to Census 2001, is devoted mainly to agriculture and livestock (19 ), followed by trade (17 ) and the human group that is dedicated to teaching (17 ) The rest of the percentage (30 ) of the EAP is located in activities such as construction, public administration, manufacturing and transport and communications. ” The Province of Loja is the seventh largest contributor to the treasury as tax collection 8637 income to thousands of dollars to state coffers, is also considered the seventh most dynamically as the number of cardholders with consumed 16 657 thousands of dollars through cr cards. The city of Loja is the fifth largest city as deposits with financial institutions 192 680 system thousands of dollars into the coffers of these, Similarly it is considered by loans from the financial system in this city189 828 thousand dollars to the beneficiaries, and the fourth less sluggish the system with a 2.94 default.