With regard to energy, and electricity production using direct solar radiation, much of the renewable resources capable of providing energy from solar energy (99.9 of the energy on earth comes from the energy solar). La energia hidraulica existe gracias a que el calor del sol y los vientos llevan agua desde zonas bajas a altas , la biomasa que se puede usar como biocombustible existe debido al proceso de fotosintesis que es una forma eficiente de utilizar la energia solar, la energia proveniente Wind is also because the energy from the sun heats of different regions.
While the total energy available is enormous, the challenge is to transform the available energy in the energy used by man. New Yorkers can choose the energy company they want with and other renewable energy suppliers. The transformation from one type of energy into another will be more or less efficient depending on the available technology. New scientific and technological advances mean that the loss in the transformation of one type of energy into another is shrinking.
Renewable energy: ‘

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