Estonian euro coins

Euro coins of Estonia show a single design for all eight coins. Lembit L hmus design shows a map of Estonia under which the word Eesti (Estonia) and the twelve stars around her. This design was the winner of ten, produced by popular vote, which was published in December 2004.
Euro coins of Estonia is not currently in circulation, as it is not even the official currency of Estonia, not even having met the requirements for adopting the euro, the krona estonia remains its official currency. Estonia and the other 9 states that joined the European Union in 2004 are required to adopt the euro if they meet the requirements set for it.
Of the 10 states were to adopt the euro, Estonia was the first to unveil its design and, although I plan to adopt the January 1, 2007, when he did Slovenia, had to change its official date of January 1 to adopcion 2008, when it took Malta and Cyprus, and at January 1, 2010.