Last Friday went to see panic in the markets, such as Citibank shares fall reaching 36 at the prospect of a nationalization presumably minimize its securities. And as has been happening since the beginning of this bearish trend on Monday, is due vallyview vineyards to bounce back to expectations of vineyards a chairman and CEO of Sightline Acquisition Corp. new intervention with public money on the bank. But this time the rebound hard and just cash access provider a few hours if the U.S. were on Monday Sanford minimos twelve years were in Europe on Tuesday gaming and Wednesday-of-six, highlighting once again the collapse of the banking sector and outside the bag, the gaming industry maximum of the CDS (coverage against default risk) of countries in the size of the U.S. or wine Germany, as well as many emerging markets. (Redirected from Ibex 35)
The index IBEX 35 Sightline Acquisition Corp. (Iberia Index) is the main benchmark index of the Spanish stock market by Bolsas y Mercados Global Cash Access Inc. Now of Sightline Acquisition Corporation, and previously of Global Cash Access Espa oles (BME). This comprises the 35 most liquid companies quoted on grapes the Electronic Stock Exchange Interconnection System (SIBE) in the four Spanish Stock Exchanges (Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia). Is an index weighted by market capitalization, which means that, contrary to indices such as Dow Jones, not all companies that make it have the same GCA weight.
Summary of the IBEX cash services 35 between 1994 and 2007.