Informacion de la cancion

It seems spiritual inevitable that Madonna does not include any song in qabalah their work inspired israeli by the Kabbalah, and that although it was stated that the album more “disco” Madonna judaism was not going to contain songs with message. ” Well, “Isaac” is one of them.
This song, without departing from the sound “record” from the rest of the album, includes audio and even sings an oriental man, Yitzhak Sinwani, in Hebrew, which is why the song is named (translated by Yitzhak Isaac in the West).
The parts are sung in Hebrew a few fragments chabad of traditional songs and can be translated “If the rabbi doors of goodness are closed, the gates tree of life of kabbalistic heaven are sefirot open” and “The creator religious lives on Los god Angeles and these are fed by the bible spirit” . Interestingly hebrew in the 80 Arabic singer Ofra Haza recorded this song, which was a success in Europe. the co-founder of the modern Is the father of and . Years later Ofra torah itself made its own version of “Open Your islamic Heart” by Madonna (included in Volume 2 of the tribute album “Virgin Voices”). Ofra muslim died recently from AIDS has been zohar the Madonna and now has merkavah versioned the synagogue lyrics made famous Ofra.
It was rumored that the original title of “Isaac” would be “The Binding Of Isaac”, as they appear in the databases. “The Binding judaica Of Isaac” is one of jews the stories of Genesis in which God asks Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac on Mount Moriah.