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The name of the disease comes from the Latin word meaning to “urraca (pica, pica), a bird of the family of Corvo, inedibles known to use substances and steal, behavior that is associated with rituals of courtship and nesting.
According to DSM-IV and ICD-TR1-10 skin care this term used to define an eating disorder and eating, is characterized by a set of criteria.
According to fitness epidemiological studies, Pica fact placed in the mouth and sucking inedibles substances, is wellness considered anomalous from 18-24 months of age.
The Pica behavior is not unique to humans. Horses, dogs, cats, sheep, parrots, elephants and other animals ingest substances such as soil, bone, wood, paper, etc.. ” who comes to help soothe digestive problems, fill gaps in minerals, detoxifying, etc.. The monkeys in the wild and in captivity, often manifest this behavior. look on the internet to see the benefits of will add to your life Geophagy or consumption of the earth, is the most studied phenomenon Pica. The analysis of the composition of the earth, reveals the presence of kaolin, charcoal and other ingredients, which neutralize toxins in the leaves and plants normally eaten by primates, feeling relief from gastrointestinal disturbances (diarrhea, heartburn ‘). This practice was interpreted after some study (over 80 ) as a beneficial adaptation.
The geophagy, culturally sanctioned, is described and extended throughout the world, especially among pregnant women, children and adolescents. Disorder should not be seen, though sometimes occurring disease.
Consumption of land are given important products roles as detoxificante, soothing digestive cardiovascular discomfort, antidiarrheal, and micronutrient food supplement.
Anthropological Studies, geographic, health care medical, etc.. Analyzing this phenomenon in areas South of the Sahara, southern USA, central America, Asia, etc.. And markets in African cities, the land is sold for consumption, since according to Robert E. fitness Hales, the land is used as a ‘dummy’ for the infant, as a hobby or as a habitual belief usual magic to attract spirits.
In the sixties, described a clinical picture consisting of growth retardation, weight loss, poor healing of wounds, anemia and lack of zinc in young Egyptians and Iranians who consumed ground. Clinic significantly improved the clinical picture with the contribution of zinc, undertake research on the importance to humans of this substance. According to the authors of this experience, when land and other foods are consumed together, decreasing the absorption of iron and zinc. This issue could be a health major factor in malnutrition. Has also been addressed reinfestation by intestinal parasites in pregnant women due to ingestion of infested land. Therefore geophagy supplements has two conflicting sides, the beneficial health and harmful to health.
The geophagy is a beneficial and adaptive behavior that reduces toxicity, diarrhea and protects the digestive system, which would offset the potential damage to health and justify the persistence of nutrients cultural practices over time.
The Pica or rejection does nutrition not imply absence of food. There are pictures where people chew substances inedibles during body major African famines and food habits developed by humans during prolonged isolation in concentration camps, wars, etc.. Indicate hunger and despair, sometimes accompanied by mental disorders. Consume razors to commit suicide or leave prison is not considered eating disorder. Dam Clinic “Health Articles” Digestive “… induced diarrhea should consult with a doctor about taking probiotics supplements. …
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