Hector Torres Donato: The sport was his passion since childhood until the music comes first in his heart, through the talents and skills of their participation in the choir of the San Jose College in Caguas. Just realized that I was born to dance and sing. This young man, born June 14, 1980, to take seriously their concerns when he met Felix Music at the University of Cayey. Board several tropical and collaborated with Jerry Rivera participated in the National Congress of Salsa. His professional growth over the past two years have done so mature and clearly visualize the line to follow. Hector has a sense of humor that always keeps the group laughing with his spark and occurrences. Always with a smile on the lips.
Javier Felix “Felo” Torres was born on November 5, 1979. From a very early age showed interest for music. Is “serious” group. At 8 years and played four-string instrument indigenous to Puerto Rico. In high school Notre Dame High School in Caguas, gave free rein to their talents out in the competitions, which I assure you that music was his future. For two years, she devoted herself to sing with musical groups at parties and presentations, which combine with his studies, until I met Hector in college and decided to form the group.
Ricardo “Ricky” Porrata: An October 18, 1982 was born in Chicago, Illinois. At four years took its first beginnings in the church in their community. At 15 years form along with a couple friends from high school youth orchestra “Ricky Luis. At age 21 he moved to New York City where he auditioned at the Manhattan School of Music to study opera, but he met the manager N’klabe, Jose Diaz, and his fate took a turn of 360 degrees.