Use Any Video Converter: Convert your Video to work on IPod or PSP

We have tried many programs for the conversion of videos, such as XviD4PSP, WM Converter or Quick Media Converter. Now we try another option that we can help freely convert our videos from multiple formats easily. One of the great around, Any Video Converter is a program for Windows with which you can convert your videos to the format of any portable multimedia device, such as your iPod or PSP, or the MP4s. Its interface is fairly easy to use. Among the formats supported by Any Video Converter are: DivX, XviD, MOV, rm, rmvb, MPEG, VOB, DVD, WMV, AVI to MPEG-I, MPEG-I, Phones,DVD NTSC, PAL DVDs, videos Flash (FLV), AVI .
All of these formats can convert the format and easily named. Additionally Any Video Converter lets you set various parameters for the final video, such as the quality of the video, normalize the audio, among others. In short, to move your video iPod, PSP or MP4 have this program available. r

Two New 3G Mobile Nokia Phones

The new Nokia 6233 3G mobile phone Nokia 6233 is equipped with GSM Triband connectivity and WCDMA 2100, and allows users to utilize wireless services on the 3rd generation network. (formerly )offers more than , phone plan service” rel=”external”>Verizon Wireless and Sprint. also use GSM Triband connectivity.

Trent Reznor Invites Fans to Make Clips

Trent Reznor is inviting fans to create videos and music clips from their and that would accompany the music on Reznor’s new upcoming disc. The past few months, Reznor has collected the videos that he thinks are the best. There are no rules: you can be as creative as you desire. You can create videos by using your ” rel=”external”>camera cell phones. There is only one warning not to incorporate copyrighted material in your videos.

Now Watching: Videos Laptop As a State in the MSN

Remember MSN Messenger? Or now what is known as Windows Live Messenger. It shows personal messages that what you are listening to in the Windows Media Player. Now you can have the same function using ‘Now Watching’ but not for listening to music on your but for watching videos on your laptop. Yes, it is a small utility fairly original and innovative that shows videos as personal messages. The service is available to customers. The first thing you have to do is open your Windows Live Messenger, and then install ‘Now Watching’ and you are able to watch videos on Youtube!

Dior Rejuvenece Too Much to Sharon Stone

Some days ago I noticed a campaign by Dior in a bus-stop with the a photograph I will describe. It noticed it because I did not know that Sharon Stone was the model, I actually thought it was a new unknown talent.

But I was mistaken and it is in fact Sharon Stone although something is odd because she really seems to be a young person in her twenties – while she is really fifty. I
believe that the exaggeration in this type of campaigns can be
counter-productive and can reduce credibility of a brand, but this is neither the first nor last time we will see something like that. It’s like a new cell phone – it may look new but its really just a repackaged free cell phone.