PROGRAMMING 2005 – 2006 – 2007

2005 LIVE BETTER May Estr sHipertensi n – Dr. Laspiur (cardiologist) Oral Health Cervical Cancer – Mg. Pereyra (nurse) Food June Sports Prof. Jos Antonio L pez (Physical Education) Breastfeeding Sleep July Mg energy drinks. Ola Estela Castro (nutritionist) Summary of topics covered August Diabetes Dr. Trejo (medical) Physical Exercise Prof. Jos Antonio L pez (Physical Education) Prostate Mg. Pereyra (nurse) September Dr. Oral HealthGonzalez (dentist) Panic, anxiety, depression Food Tips October Oral Health Dr. Gonzalez (dentist) SexualidadT cnicas body Benefits of activity in the water November Skin hydration after-sun Diabetes Dr. Trejo (medical) Epilepsy Dr. Jorge Floridia (medical) 2006 LIVE BETTER KNOW March SAVIC Service to Victim Dr. Alonso (lawyer) Sexual Harassment – Violence Sound, Music and Health Ergonomics April Oral Health Dr. Gonzalez (dentist) The phone Lic Health Casermeiro — Mg Univ Welfare Sec.Chavez Deaf Association Ms Saavedra (audiology) Different types of diets May Physical activity Prof. Jos Antonio L pez (Physical Education) Activity in the elderly Mr. Barrios Ms. Jimenez Sec Univ Extension School children talents Mr. Albero (psychologist) Epilepsy Dr. Jorge Floridia (medical) June Chagas “Dr. Lacunza-Feedback — Dr. Young German (medical) Reflections on aging Physical Activity World Football Mr. Dario Barrios (Physical Educ) Water and other food July Breastfeeding Mr. Moi (nurse) Health Promoting Schools Prof. Graciela Cruz Violence, alcohol and drugs August Prof. Physical ActivityJos Antonio L pez (Physical Education) School nutritionists Mr. Guzman and Perez Ms. Pastrana Communications and disability Children and alimentaci nCeliacos Lic Idoeta (nutritionist) September Fats in Food October Dr. Monica Gelsi Sexuality (medical) Kitchen specialty foods Stress Prof. Noni cuggie (On Physics) Rubella – Vaccination Dr. Linares (doctor) Mr. Moi (nurse) Mr. Estrada Ellis Nursing (Nurse) November Mr. Forsyth Obesity (nutrition) Mr. Romero HIV Project (statistics) Diabetes Dr. Trejo (medical) Psychology, violence, Regressions Mr. Abdenur Nutrition Lic first levelBurgos (nutritionist) 2007 LIVE BETTER KNOW April Prof. Nancy Cardozo Cileu UNSa Health Directorate. Dr. Manfred Aguilera – Ms. Amalia Moi Lic morning after pill, Correa Rojas Road Safety Week and Dr. Manfred Aguilera security May Ms. Amalia Vaccines Moi – The Morning-after Dr. Marian Casares Foreign health agencies for Salta provincial Alejandra Casermeiro Global Climate Change Environmental Action Foundation Celia nutritional Trogliero Graphics June Vaccines – Ms. Amalia Moi Gloria performed as writer Lise Dr. Victor Passamai Renewables Nutrition Program – Practice discipline Lic