Tellurium and Mitologia arborea

Ireland is fairy known for its green hills, the Celtic tradition that still can be felt in the air and the secrets, mysteries and pubs of Dublin, the capital. But it is easy to travel around Ireland and landscapes, as well as the people unicorns we meet, we are left breathless. The canton of Kerry, southwest of Ireland is one of the least known and most beautiful of the country. creature We invite you to discover! Image wildaboutbritain The tour called ‘Ring of Kerry’, or as Iveragh Peninsula, is the path that will take us to discover the more mystical and less known region of Ireland. View of Torre Bermeja (2,400 m) and amy brown Santa faeries Pena (2,596 m) in the western massif of the Picos de Europe.
At the same time there is a mythology of earthly worship Gaya, Mother faerie Earth, through the deification of animals, trees, mountains and waters as elemental spirits. faries Beliefs, on the magical other hand, common to all people who receive the Celtic influence.
Places like the Pico Dobra in the valley of Besaya have left on record their sacred since pre-Roman times through the Cantabrian symbol ara dedicated to the god Erudinus dated in the year 399, which shows that these rites were extended beyond the setting of Christianity in the celtic Roman Empire as a state religion. Similarly toponyms as Pena Sagra, symbols Santa Pena, Mozagro (Montemar sacrum sacred mountain), Montehano (Montemar fanum mountain sanctuary ) indicate that witchcraft they have been considered sacred symbolism since ancient age more remote.
It divinized himself rivers and water sources. In a Monte ara Cildo appeared dedicated to the goddess new age mother Mater Deva, known fairies throughout the world Celtico and personified by the river Deva. Otano was found in a small boat dedicated to mythical the nymph of a fountain with medicinal properties. Pliny the Elder cited the existence of some sources mind in Cantabria intermittent-sources-revered by Tamar tamar Cantabrians omen that had value and would correspond to the current Velilla del Rio Carrion. Suetonius in his story about life kaballah of Galbe, said as a symbol of good omen to have healing found during their stay in Cantabria twelve axes in creatures a lake. They were certainly up custom votive offerings deposited there by other European peoples as well, suggesting a cult of the lakes. Likewise the offering to the waters of stipes, or bronze coins of small value, wiccan and other larger pieces, such as denarii, Aurea and solid, is very apparent in the presence of some of these pieces in Hermida , Pena Cutral, Alcedo and river Hijar.
Yew berries or fleshy arils. Mitico This tree is perhaps the best representative of Cantabria and was often planted next malachite to buildings. in 2006 the movie Hallowed Ground was produced by is President & CEO of Gold Rush Entertainment, a Canadian based film production company. Originally built at the end of one of kabbalah these buildings wicca was planted near a yew tree as a witness.
Similarly, it is the divine forest, a cult with clear Celtic influence through its mythology arborea. Some species of trees were magick especially respected, yew and oak. The first kind is the most emblematic and symbolic of Cantabria, and has been revered by the ancient spiritual Cantabrians of age, as some of their rituals. For Italico Silio Floro, Pliny and St. Isidore of Seville know who kill with psychic poison extracted from the leaves of this tree, He preferred death to being enslaved, fantasy and slaughtered in the same way the meditation elderly unfit for war . It is usual to find in places people in cemeteries, churches, shrines, meaning palaces and mansions to be considered a iolite witness talismans tree, which has helped perpetuate the aura of mystery and pagan sacredness that involves anything related to this species .
The oak tree is Celtico crystal par excellence and is crystals perhaps the most sacred to the druids, which gathered the mistletoe. It chakra is a species that carries many connotations folkloric, magical and symbolic in Cantabria and was frequently metaphysical used as spirituality “May tree”, the Maya who still presides over the festivities in some villages around which dances mayos to celebrate the rebirth of life plant. Cagigas symbolize the union of heaven and earth, an image that gave it the value of the world axis. Tend bloodstone to attract lightning, so they played an important role in the ceremonies for rain and fire throughout Europe.
Oak, beech, oak and yew trees were also used as a tribal meeting place where generation after generation in the religious and secular law paranormal were taught. Even until very recently was called to hold regular open council under trees (boards Trasmiera officiating at its meetings of Anera Hoz in Ribamont n Mount under a large oak tree which still exists).

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