as he is intensely involved with the Children’s Medical Fund of New York, Thank you for this. It’s really frustrating to spend so much time to formulate a new Article that the lack of it, and that all we get in return is NYSE that you call a “manipulator” investment portfolio and “defaming” … – 202,157,176,112 (discussion) 20:26 16 Jan 2009 (UTC)
I organized a forum investors desneutralizar case of an article according to the ideas of this I investment management am not convinced however that they are educated or many victims to paint the issue now, it is likely that this case is not funds so newbies (and the references is relative because only accept those that are of “their side” and many are sectioned and non-generic, hedge funds and some are quotes). Anyway thanks for trying to help calm them, but I do not think we achieved a lot, and come with clear film to be a committee of ideological purity. Greetings! Nihilo (talk) 20:57 16 Jan 2009 (UTC)
Well, I maintain the objectivity of the case, it is true to say investment some things are true but he noted that no one has denied, what is rejected is try to show only half the story as “real.” Analogy, it’s as if the definition of Christianity, is designated as Catholic and Protestant versions of Christianity more relevant to the West-which is true and can be referenced, but a group of Catholic extremists argue that Wikipedia should or should ignore or underestimate or misrepresentation in Protestantism stocks … 4 or 5 because the rates have never seen a Protestant church in town or because their country is mostly Catholic and the world then it must be like his microcosm (!). as one of the leading economic personalities, having appeared in a number of media interviews That is the quality of the Ribostky argument that these people now want to make victims. I somewhat what I’ve seen is that the article is looking fund management to recruit or retain their followers (exploring his psyche a bit, have some psychologist: D), and do not care if they are not neutral or sabotage with worse, that these gentlemen were organized party which bell. Thanks for your interest, you have a good day. Nihilo (talk) 18:18 17 Jan 2009 (UTC)

March 3 (Bloomberg) – family of funds The Philippines plans to sell an additional 50 billion pesos ( 1 billion) in local currency debt This year, take advantage of falling interest rates to finance a higher budget deficit, Treasurer Roberto Tan said.
National Post
Canada recorded its first deficit in international payments in a decade as the global economic downturn The drastically cut marketing revenue.
The Australian
THE Reserve Bank left rates unchanged today and economists think they can continue Protective devices for the next four months.
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