The beginning

Professor Alejandro Iglesias began practicing martial arts in Vigo, his hometown, in 1969, initially to learn sambo and wrestling in the Olympic gymnasium of the enshrined Instructor Manuel Roca and later kung-fu with Professor Say? Som, a true genius of the Traditional Martial Arts. exercise is what I am starting He begins to teach at a very early age as an instructor of kung-fu, to get some of his graduate students as oldest black belts in 1981 and enlists in the Spanish Legion, where, for his martial arts curriculum – was chosen as one of the founding members of a Special Unit (ISU – UOEL) where they will stay during the years 1981 – 1982 and 1983.
In 1985, Professor Alejandro Iglesias begins a stage where it is working intensively within the world of safety (as a doorman at various clubs in the city of Vigo and as a private bodyguard), becoming one of the escorts with more prestige within the group. This activity requires him to apply his knowledge of defense staff on different occasions. Within this environment of real aggression, reaffirms its conviction on his realistic way to understand the martial arts.

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