The complicated situation in the West.

Has always been known to the West concentrates the best players and teams in the league. But what nobody expected this year is that teams like Dallas, Denver and Golden State were playing in or not in the Playoffs.And all this because of some Lakers Pau thanks to aspire to the title as a favorite for its conference, some Hornets who see the light for a long time to put the second in the ranking of favorites, and some Rokets accumulating 22 victories in a row (2nd best record in history after the Lakers of Magic, 33).Most surprising is that in the Atlantic conference pass to the finals teams with more losses than victories and on the opposite side, a team with 46 victories and 31 defeats at the end (Denver) will play the postseason with a team of similar statistics. Take this opportunity to talk about the season’s shameful that two years ago were champions of the league. In the Heat do not care to have Wade in shape, with Shaq or Marion, whatever they do is the worst team in the league. Something that no one can explain (if anyone knows why this happens, I would appreciate it if you comment).What further warms the atmosphere is what happened with Boston, on the contrary, in Miami, they go from being the worst in the league, the team that accumulates the most victories, it seems that the signing of “Big Ticket” and Ray Allen has paid off, hopefully could say the same of last-minute transfers by O’neil Kidd and the Suns and Mavs respectively promoted by the transfer of the season (at least for the Spanish) from Pau to the Lakers. Turning again to the subject matter, the situation is complicated both for the Nuggets to the Warriors since the absence of 10 days for the Playoffs yet nothing has been decided and it all depends on what you do Baron Davis to Golden State, and “The Dynamic Duo” (Melo and Iverson) to Denver.