The Publicity in Internet and Its Evolution

Many maintain that the publicity is the motor of Internet. I, as for me, consider that something of reason has. The model of businesses is not no newness of the virtual community. During decades, the radio and the television have financed 95% of their emprendimientos offering a gratuitous service that assures an important hearing to them. Who contribute the capital are the advertisers, in exchange for which its name appears somehow. Unlike televising means, Internet counts on a added advantage: the interactivity. Whereas in the world of traditional means the spectator is a passive agent, Internet brings with himself the possibility of connecting contents towards the Web site of the patrocinador and in addition, to be seen solely by those people who maintain compatible interests with the offered goods or services. In that sense, Internet has all the qualities to become the main receiver of the investment by publicity concept.
New studies made by the InfoAdex consultant for Spain exemplify and reinforce this conclusion still more. The growth of the total investment in publicity in means surpassed 9.2% representing a total of? 16.108 million. That number has not been distributed similarly between different means. The television in the last heads the list with 21.5% of the market and a growth of 8.7% year. The newspapers have a participation of 11.8%, the magazines of 4.5% and the radio of 4,2%.